Cairneyhill Census 1841 Part 2

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Below is part 2 of my series on the Cairneyhill censuses, pages 5 to 8 of the original schedule for the 1841 census.

I do hope all of you with Cairneyhill ancestors will find this useful.



Cairneyhill – south side of the street.

West End, Cairneyhill

Page 5 of the schedule.

NameAgeProfessionIf Scottish if born in countyWhether foreign , English or Irish
Janet Deas6 monthsYes
James Donaldson60Linen hand loom weaverYes
Elizabeth Donaldson55Yes
Marion Thomson45Yes
Isabella Thomson14Yes
John Thomson11Yes
William Bruce15ServantYes
John Gilmour28 Linen hand loom weaverYes
David Gilmour3Yes
Andrew Gilmour1Yes
Christian Gilmour25Yes
Thomas Duncanson60MerchantYes
Janet Duncanson50No
Catherine Duncanson25Yes
Christian Duncanson15Yes
James Duncanson13Yes
William Hodge 40Letter carrierYes
Euphemia Hodge45Yes
William Hodge15Linen hand loom weaver apprenticeYes
Angus Hodge5Yes
Ann Cant60Yes
Henry Arnot35Linen hand loom weaverYes
Betsy Hodge35Yes
James Hodge7Yes
Alexander Hodge6Yes

Page 6 of the schedule

NameAgeProfessionIf Scottish if born in countyWhether foreign , English or Irish
Henry Arnot2Yes
Jean Arnot6 monthsYes
Alexander Robertson75LabourerNo
Robert Smeaton80Linen hand loom weaverYes
Margaret Smeaton60Yes
James Smeaton35Yes
William Blackwood20Yes
Robert Blackwood9Yes
Christian Thomson50Yes
Ann Mould24Yes
William Black20Linen hand loom weaverYes
Betsy Black20Yes
James Black6 monthsYes
John Cochrane45Agricultural LabourerNo
Agnes Cochrane14Yes
Anne Punt20NoEnglish
George Punt4Yes
John Punt1Yes
Alexander Deas20Linen hand loom weaverYes
Christian Deas25No
Lydia Cochrane4Yes
William Robertson50Army PensionerNo
Martha Robertson20NoEnglish
Thomas Robertson12Yes
David Robertson9No

Page 7 of the schedule:

NameAgeProfessionIf Scottish if born in countyWhether foreign , English or Irish
Catherine McNair40Yes
Andrew McNair20Linen hand loom weaverYes
James McNair15Linen hand loom weaverYes
Ann Crawford20Female servantYes
George Paterson57Cotton hand loom weaverNo
Margaret Paterson45Yes
Thomas Paterson25ShopkeeperYes
James Paterson14Linen hand loom weaverYes
William Paterson20Linen hand loom weaverYes
John Paterson11Yes
Margaret Paterson15Yes
Janet Paterson6Yes
Henry Fotheringham45Linen hand loom weaverYes
Ann Fotheringham45Yes
Ann Fotheringham15Yes
Thomas Fotheringham14Linen hand loom weaver apprenticeYes
Christian Fotheringham12Yes
William Fotheringham8Yes
John Fotheringham11 monthsYes
Alexander Erskine69Linen hand loom weaverYes
Janet Erskine68Yes
David Gilmour60Linen hand loom weaverYes
Janet Gilmour50Yes
Janet Gilmour13Yes

Page 8 of the schedule:

NameAgeProfessionIf Scottish if born in countyWhether foreign , English or Irish
John Herron25Carrier and spirit dealerYes
Christian Herron25No
Isabella Herron2Yes
Margaret Laurie20Female servantYes
Margaret Bennet20Female servantNo
James Herron30CarrierYes
Helen Herron30Yes
James Herron8Yes
Andrew Herron6Yes
Henry Herron4Yes
John Herron9 monthsYes
John Wightman50Linen hand loom weaverYes
Helen Wightman45Yes
John Wightman20House carpenterYes
David Wightman11Linen draper apprenticeYes
William Wightman11Yes
Margaret Wightman7Yes
John Henderson71Navy sailor and linen hand loom weaverYes
Jean Henderson70Yes
Campbell Drysdale6Yes
Thomas Dobbie20Linen hand loom weaverNo
Catherine Dobbie25Yes
Elizabeth Dobbie1Yes
Peter Keir35Linen hand loom weaverNo
John Keir3Yes

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