1950s Cairneyhill Business Ads

Fife Free Press 3rd April 1954 McDonalds Nurseries Limited Cairneyhill Nurseries, Dunfermline Specialist suppliers to 2000 customers of:All vegetable plantsBedding plantsChrysanthemumsDahliasTomato plants Any quantity Wholesale trade catered for Tel: Newmills 215 Dundee Courier 7 May 1955 Loudon Cox Autoparts, Cairneyhill, near Dunfermline Now dismantling the following: 1939-48 Wolseley 181937 Morris 121936 Austin 101939 Austin 121934Continue reading “1950s Cairneyhill Business Ads”

Air Raid Precaution Warden wanted in Cairneyhill

Fife Free Press & Kirkcaldy Guardian 29 July 1939 ARP in West Fife More Volunteers Needed Apart from the villages in and around Crossford, Charlestown, Carnock, Limekilns, Cairneyhill etc, the wardens’ service in Lochgelly and Dunfermline county districts is at full strength. In the village areas named there is a shortage of some seventeen wardens,Continue reading “Air Raid Precaution Warden wanted in Cairneyhill”

Reverend More’s Jubilee

Dunfermline Saturday Press 6 August 1864 Jubilee services at Cairneyhill Presentation of a silver salver and 580 sovereigns to the Rev Mr More On Wednesday a series of services took place at Cairneyhill, to celebrate the 50th year of the Rev Mr More’s ministry in the United Presbyterian Church there, and for the purpose ofContinue reading “Reverend More’s Jubilee”

Cairneyhill War Memorial

Hi all This week, 2 reports on Cairneyhill War Memorial, one on the maintenance of the Memorial and one on the upkeep of the Memorial. For interest, the Dunfermline Press dated 17 September 2020 had an article on the maintenance of the War Memorial, in that a bar has been fixed to the Memorial toContinue reading “Cairneyhill War Memorial”


Dunfermline Saturday Press 24 March 1866 John May, grocer, Cairneyhill, was charged with having on Saturday the 24th of February, with exciseable liquor on his premises and this was the second offence. Mr May pleaded not guilty and was defended by Mr Macbeth. Inspector Napier deponed to having gone into a back-room in John May’sContinue reading “BREACHES OF CERTIFICATE”

Fundraising at a Bazaar

Dundee Evening Telegraph 20 October 1905 A two days’ bazaar in connection with the Cairneyhill United Free Church was opened in St Margaret’s Hall, Dunfermline this forenoon by Mr Thomas Shaw, KC, MP. The purpose of the bazaar is to assist the funds of the church and raise sufficient funds to carry out much neededContinue reading “Fundraising at a Bazaar”

Home burned to ground

Dundee Courier 16 June 1931 A Cairneyhill family of eight were rendered homeless and lost almost all of their belongings in a fire yesterday afternoon. Mr George Johnston was engaged in tar-painting operations at his dwelling-house on a small holding by Bankhead, when the interior of the house was observed to be in flames. HeContinue reading “Home burned to ground”

Death of James Moir

[James Moir is named on the Cairneyhill War Memorial, second from the top] Dundee Evening Telegraph 13 October 1915 Black Watch Officer who has fallen – hero in the struggle Second-Lieutenant J M Moir, 1st Black Watch, has been killed in an attack on a German position. He was a son of the late RevContinue reading “Death of James Moir”

Hatches, Matches and Dispatches Part 1

Dear blog reader This is the first part in a new series of Cairneyhill hatches, matches and dispatches that have appeared in the newspapers. I have always found such finds very exciting in my own 30 years of family history research and I hope this helps anyone doing similar Cairneyhill-based research. Please note that forContinue reading “Hatches, Matches and Dispatches Part 1”

Sir Robert Herron, Knight

[Hawaiian Gazette 1 November 1898] I must admit, I didn’t know that a son of Cairneyhill was a Sir and a Knight until one evening recently when I was meandering in the Dunfermline digitised newspapers and I found an intriguing article about a visit to Cairneyhill by Sir and Lady Herron: Dunfermline Saturday Press 29Continue reading “Sir Robert Herron, Knight”