Holidays at Cairneyhill Train Station Part 2

Dear blog reader Following on from my first blog post on holidays at Cairneyhill train station which was published 5 weeks ago (and very well received by you all, thank you), below is a further post on such holidays. I do hope you find this interesting. Jacqueline *********************** COATBRIDGE LEADER SATURDAY 21 MARCH 1953 RAILWAYContinue reading “Holidays at Cairneyhill Train Station Part 2”

Railway Happenings

Dear blog reader This week’s blog post has a railway theme, 2 shorter reports combined, both with a railway connection. I do hope you find them interesting. Jacqueline **************** DUNDEE COURIER MONDAY 2 MAY 1898 THE DEATH IN A RAILWAY CARRIAGE On Saturday morning the man who was found dead in a railway carriage atContinue reading “Railway Happenings”

Cairneyhill Temperance Society in 1837

Dear blog reader Cairneyhill Temperance Society had an annual soirée which was reported in the local newspapers and below are the details of the 1837 annual soirée. I hope you find this interesting. Jacqueline ************************* FIFE HERALD THURSDAY 30 MARCH 1837 DUNFERMLINE We have much pleasure in recording other two soirées which took place inContinue reading “Cairneyhill Temperance Society in 1837”

Ladies’ Seminary In 1843

Dear blog reader The ladies’ seminary in Cairneyhill was examined annually and the results reported in the newspapers. Below are the findings from the 1843 inspection of the ladies’ seminary. I do hope you find them interesting. Jacqueline ****************************** FIFESHIRE JOURNAL THURSDAY 31 AUGUST 1843 DUNFERMLINE – MRS MORE’S SEMINARY. The annual examination of theContinue reading “Ladies’ Seminary In 1843”

Cairneyhill Valuation Roll 1920

Dear blog reader, Welcome to the seventh part in a series, a list of the people, with address and occupation where known, who were connected with Cairneyhill in 1920. In 1920 there were 135 people listed, with 26 addresses specified, and with 14 occupations comprising 1 Church minister, 2 joiners, 1 market gardener, 1 slaughterContinue reading “Cairneyhill Valuation Roll 1920”

Holiday at Cairneyhill Train Station

THE SCOTSMAN MONDAY 3 APRIL 1950 HOLIDAYS IN RAIL COACHES Survivors of a pre-war force of over 400, seventeen coaches of British Railways are parked in sidings near the holiday-spots of Southern England with nowhere to go but with a purpose in their immobility. They are “camping coaches”, rolling stock fitted with sleeping accommodation andContinue reading “Holiday at Cairneyhill Train Station”

Gun Accident in Cairneyhill

THE SCOTSMAN WEDNESDAY 2 OCTOBER 1867 DUNFERMLINE – MELANCHOLY GUN ACCIDENT On Monday afternoon, an accident of a most serious and melancholy nature occurred to a child about four years of age, at Cairneyhill, a village about three miles west of Dunfermline. The circumstances are these:- A boy named Young, about twelve years of age,Continue reading “Gun Accident in Cairneyhill”

Cairneyhill Temperance Society in 1836

Dear blog reader Cairneyhill Temperance Society held annual soirees which were often reported on in detail in the newspapers and below is the report of the Cairneyhill Temperance Society’s annual soiree in 1836. I do hope you find this interesting. Jacqueline ************************** FIFE HERALD THURSDAY 31 MARCH 1836 DUNFERMLINE In exercise of our correspondence, itContinue reading “Cairneyhill Temperance Society in 1836”

Cairneyhill Ladies Seminary in 1842

Dear blog reader The ladies seminary/school in Cairneyhill was examined on an annual basis by local people and this is the report of the annual inspection of the ladies seminary in 1842. Hope you find it interesting. Jacqueline ******************************* FIFE HERALD THURSDAY 11 AUGUST 1842 CAIRNEYHILL The seminary for young ladies here, conducted by MrsContinue reading “Cairneyhill Ladies Seminary in 1842”

Shearers’ Strike at Pitdinnie

FIFESHIRE JOURNAL THURSDAY 11 SEPTEMBER 1845 HARVEST – SHEARERS’ WAGES – STRIKE AT CAIRNEYHILL Harvest is now quite general in our neighbourhood, and the crops are most luxuriant. The prospect of the farmer is most cheering, and the joy manifested by the groups of reapers as they repair in the morning to the scene ofContinue reading “Shearers’ Strike at Pitdinnie”