Fair rents decided





The Scottish Land Court sat yesterday in the Court Chambers, 1 Grosvenor Crescent, Edinburgh, when three applications to fix a first fair rent was heard. The Bench were Lord Kennedy and Messrs Alexander Dewar, E E Morrison, and Norman Reid.

The first applicant was Alexander Watt, Cairneyhill, Carnock, the respondent being Mrs Margaret Christie. The rent was given as £7.

Examined by Mr William Balfour, SSC, Watt said he entered the place ten years ago last month. He found they had been keeping hens in the house. He had effected numerous repairs on the property.

Cross-examined – He had made an offer of £250 for the house, but latterly had backed out of this offer. His application was for the purpose of getting the rent as low as possible.

John Robertson, Cairneyhill, said he was of opinion that the structures put up by the tenant were of less value than the dwelling house. A rent of £7 was a very reasonable rent. Another £1 could be got for it easily.

The second case was that of Mrs Janet Thomson or Rennie, also residing at Cairneyhill, Carnock, the respondent being the Rev P C Duncanson. The rent given was £8, the holding extending to an acre and three-quarters. It was stated that applicant’s husband had been the tenant for twenty-one years past.

In the last case, Thomas Fotheringham was applicant, the respondents being the Rev P C Duncanson, William Paterson, Wm Fotheringham, sen., and Wm Fotheringham, jun. The prices of land in question were rented at £12 2s, £2, £9 10s and £5 respectively.

The Court announced that they would make their first inspection on the 27th of this month if the weather permitted.


Dear blog reader

It sounds like there might be more to this, if I find any more I’ll be sure to share it with you!


2 thoughts on “Fair rents decided

  1. Do you know who the owners were – the judges/magistrates were often landowners – social friends if not relations? I wonder if tenants had to pay to take their complaint to court – could they have been like test cases? On the other hand I am aware some landlords let the rent stay as it was until there was a change of some sort eg widow takes over the rent , when current market rent would be charged, perhaps a big jump from previous agreement. Ah, just realised you just mean there might be a further report not some hidden agenda!


    1. Hi Helen.

      Thanks for taking the time to post a comment.

      I’m hoping there will be a further report to be found.

      However I’ve just started a series on valuation rolls which note property owners so, when I arrive at close to 1912 in that series, perhaps I’ll find out more.

      Best wishes



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