Cairneyhill Mink Part 3

Dear blog reader Here is the 3rd and final (unless I find any other curiosities about this Cairneyhill business) part in my mini-series on mink in Cairneyhill …. ************************** DUNDEE COURIER, FRIDAY 19 MAY 1950 SHE’S BOSS AT THE FUR COAT FARM At the Rawlence’s smallholding at Burnside, Cairneyhill,near Dunfermline, is a sight that wouldContinue reading “Cairneyhill Mink Part 3”

Cairneyhill Mink Part 2

Dear blog reader Quite some time ago I published a blog post on the mink farm that used to be at Cairneyhill. I have since discovered further information to be featured in this present blog post and another blog post, including, this time, a photo of the mink! ************************* DUNDEE EVENING TELEGRAPH, FRIDAY 7 JANUARYContinue reading “Cairneyhill Mink Part 2”