A Proposed New Railway

THE STIRLING OBSERVER, AND MIDLAND COUNTIES ADVERTISER – JUNE 3, 1881 DISTRICT INTELLIGENCE ALLOA PROPOSED NEW RAILWAY BETWEEN ALLOW AND KIRKCALDY An endeavour is presently being made to get the Caledonian Railway Company to construct a new line for passenger and goods traffic between Alloa and Kirkcaldy. Plans have been prepared of the undertaking withContinue reading “A Proposed New Railway”

New Railway in 1906

EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS, SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1906 THE NEW KINCARDINE AND DUNFERMLINE RAILWAY The above sketch shows the new branch of the North British Railway which links up Kincardine-On-Forth with Dunfermline, and which will be opened for public traffic on Monday first. Yesterday the line was subjected to a Board of Trade inspection, and today,Continue reading “New Railway in 1906”