Assault at the Toll-House

FIFESHIRE JOURNAL THURSDAY 30 JANUARY 1845 AGGRAVATED ASSAULT On Friday last, about dusk, three Irishmen entered the Gillanderson toll-house, between Cairneyhill and Torryburn, which is licensed to sell spirits and ales, and called for a bottle of ale, which was given them. Sometime after they called for a gill, but the mistress of the houseContinue reading “Assault at the Toll-House”


Dunfermline Saturday Press 24 March 1866 John May, grocer, Cairneyhill, was charged with having on Saturday the 24th of February, with exciseable liquor on his premises and this was the second offence. Mr May pleaded not guilty and was defended by Mr Macbeth. Inspector Napier deponed to having gone into a back-room in John May’sContinue reading “BREACHES OF CERTIFICATE”