Cairneyhill War Memorial

Hi all This week, 2 reports on Cairneyhill War Memorial, one on the maintenance of the Memorial and one on the upkeep of the Memorial. For interest, the Dunfermline Press dated 17 September 2020 had an article on the maintenance of the War Memorial, in that a bar has been fixed to the Memorial toContinue reading “Cairneyhill War Memorial”

Death of James Moir

[James Moir is named on the Cairneyhill War Memorial, second from the top] Dundee Evening Telegraph 13 October 1915 Black Watch Officer who has fallen – hero in the struggle Second-Lieutenant J M Moir, 1st Black Watch, has been killed in an attack on a German position. He was a son of the late RevContinue reading “Death of James Moir”

Dunfermline Concert Party at Cairneyhill

Dundee Courier 9 March 1922. Through the kindness of the Dunfermline branch of the British Legion and with the object of securing funds for the war memorial, a delightful concert was given in the mansion house, Cairneyhill, last night by the Dunfermline Whizz-Bang Costume Concert Party. The members of this party, who acquitted themselves creditably,Continue reading “Dunfermline Concert Party at Cairneyhill”