Builder killed by collapsing wall

Dear blog reader The family concerned in this article is a family that is still in Cairneyhill decades afterwards. ***************** DUNDEE EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY 28 AUGUST 1931 BURIED BY COLLAPSE OF WALL – BUILDER KILLED NEAR DUNFERMLINE Buried by the collapse of a wall William Templeman (69), a master builder, who resided at Cairneyhill, nearContinue reading “Builder killed by collapsing wall”

Cairneyhill Fatal Accident Inquiries

DUNDEE EVENING TELEGRAPH 1 OCTOBER 1931 INQUIRY INTO FIFE TRAGEDIES WALL’S COLLAPSE ON BUILDER Sheriff Umpherston and a jury at Dunfermline to-day conducted inquiries into six fatal accidents in West Fife [2 of which concerned Cairneyhill]. The first enquiry was into a motor accident in Cairneyhill on 11th July, the victim of which was Joan,Continue reading “Cairneyhill Fatal Accident Inquiries”

Hatches, Matches and Dispatches Part 1

Dear blog reader This is the first part in a new series of Cairneyhill hatches, matches and dispatches that have appeared in the newspapers. I have always found such finds very exciting in my own 30 years of family history research and I hope this helps anyone doing similar Cairneyhill-based research. Please note that forContinue reading “Hatches, Matches and Dispatches Part 1”