Plane crash at Cairneyhill

DUNDEE COURIER SATURDAY 4 MAY 1946 HUNDREDS SEE PILOT LEAP FROM PLANE Hundreds of people in Dunfermline area yesterday saw a naval pilot make a parachute escape from his plane before it dived earthwards and burst into flames in a field. Before the pilot landed, farm hands were running to his help. He was takenContinue reading “Plane crash at Cairneyhill”

Minister Released For Missionary Work

DUNDEE EVENING TELEGRAPH, TUESDAY 14 MAY 1946 FIFE MINISTER FOR MISSION FIELD Presbytery of Dunfermline and Kinross at a special meeting today agreed to the release of Rev Roy [Robert] MacVicar from his charge at Cairneyhill, for work at Livingstonia Mission, Central Africa. Mr MacVicar will be accompanied by his wife and baby daughter. HisContinue reading “Minister Released For Missionary Work”

Church ministers

This week I am going to outline the various ministers who have been Cairneyhill ministers since the church was built in 1752. (There will be a post in the future outlining the changing theological points of view at Cairneyhill in line with changing theological points of view in Scotland over the centuries). Reverend James BurtContinue reading “Church ministers”