Cairneyhill Valuation Roll 1855

Dear blog reader Welcome to the first part in a new series, a list of the people, with occupation where known, who were connected with Cairneyhill in 1855. Hopefully those of you with ancestors from Cairneyhill will find this list useful. ************************ David Addie, weaverHenry ArnotMrs John BaldAndrew BlairLockhart Blallock (possibly Blalloch?)George BowieMrs CalderheadJohn CalderheadRobertContinue reading “Cairneyhill Valuation Roll 1855”

Stupid Village Pranks

Dundee Courier 11 November 1904 A couple of young lads who sought to enjoy themselves by annoying a female household in the village by fixing a cord to the window against which they rattled a nail and button, appeared to answer to their foolish pranks in Dunfermline Sheriff Court yesterday. Their names were William ToddContinue reading “Stupid Village Pranks”