Cairneyhill Valuation Roll 1920

Dear blog reader, Welcome to the seventh part in a series, a list of the people, with address and occupation where known, who were connected with Cairneyhill in 1920. In 1920 there were 135 people listed, with 26 addresses specified, and with 14 occupations comprising 1 Church minister, 2 joiners, 1 market gardener, 1 slaughterContinue reading “Cairneyhill Valuation Roll 1920”

Mink farming in Cairneyhill!

DUNDEE EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY 22 NOVEMBER 1947 THEY’RE FARMERS – OF MINK The farming and breeding of mink is the new venture of two brothers and a sister at Cairneyhill, Dunfermline. The ‘farmers with a difference’ are Mr William Rawlence, Mr Edgar Rawlence, and Miss Norma Rawlence, whose home is at 11 Main Road, Crombie.Continue reading “Mink farming in Cairneyhill!”