Cairneyhill Valuation Roll 1935

Dear blog reader Welcome to the eleventh part in a series, a list of the people, with address and occupation where known, who were connected with Cairneyhill in 1935. In 1935 there were 147 people (a quite substantial increase on 1930) with 82 addresses specified (again a large increase on 1930) and 15 occupations (aContinue reading “Cairneyhill Valuation Roll 1935”

Death Of James Morris Cairneyhill Doctor

DUNDEE EVENING TELEGRAPH, MONDAY 2ND MAY 1910 FIFE DOCTOR – ONE OF THE OLDEST IN SCOTLAND – DIES AT DUNFERMLINE TODAY Dr James Morris, Dunfermline, died this morning. By his death the burgh has lost one of its best-known and most respected inhabitants. Dr Morris was a familiar figure in the streets of the cityContinue reading “Death Of James Morris Cairneyhill Doctor”