Cycling Smash Thought To Be Mine Disaster

ABERDEEN PRESS AND JOURNAL SATURDAY 28 DECEMBER 1935 SCOTS CYCLING SMASH GIVES RISE TO RUMOUR  OF MINE DISASTER An amazing rumour concerning a mining disaster of large dimensions at Blairhall Colliery, near Dunfermline, started mid-Scotland yesterday. Throughout the day the police and colliery officials were bombarded with queries from all over the country asking forContinue reading “Cycling Smash Thought To Be Mine Disaster”

Fire at Cook’s Buildings

DUNDEE COURIER SATURDAY 15TH DECEMBER 1928 DUNFERMLINE MAN’S PREDICAMENT BEDCLOTHES ON FIRE An alarming outbreak of fire took place last night at Dunfermline, a man being badly burned through his bed becoming alight. The scene of the fire was Cook’s Buildings, Cairneyhill, and the man concerned was James Marshall, a painter, who resided in oneContinue reading “Fire at Cook’s Buildings”

Electricity comes to Cairneyhill

DUNDEE COURIER THURSDAY 8 DECEMBER 1949 GOOD-BYE PARAFFIN LAMPS Mrs George Reid, of Cook’s Buildings, Main Street, Cairneyhill, one of the many housewives who have had electricity installed in their homes, knits by the light of her new lamp. Electric lights burned in the village of Cairneyhill, near Dunfermline, yesterday for the first time. TheContinue reading “Electricity comes to Cairneyhill”

Assault near Myrend Farm

DUNDEE EVENING TELEGRAPH 7 DECEMBER 1922 DUNFERMLINE MAN LOST HIS TEMPER AND ENDANGERED BOY’S LIFE SMART SENTENCE FROM THE SHERIFF A Dunfermline contractor, George Paul Birnie, was sentenced to four months’ imprisonment at Dunfermline Sheriff Court today for a serious assault on a ten-year-old boy. The charge against him was that on 22nd November, onContinue reading “Assault near Myrend Farm”

Eviction in 1924

Dundee Courier 14 June 1924 Cairneyhill ejection action succeeds. Principally, it was stated, on account of the fact that he desired additional accommodation for his twenty year old son, who suffers from chronic asthma, a Cairneyhill joiner brought in Dunfermline Sheriff Court yesterday an action for ejection. Giving evidence, pursuer, Thomas Arnott, Cook’s Buildings, Cairneyhill,Continue reading “Eviction in 1924”

1920s Crime in Cairneyhill

Dundee Courier 7th August 1925 David Kirk, oncost worker, Cook’s Buildings, Cairneyhill, was fined £1 at Dunfermline Sheriff Court yesterday for having had three cigarettes in his possession in No 2 pit, Valleyfield Colliery. Dundee Courier 10th May 1927 For defrauding the Ministry of Labour of 4s 2d, Alexander Deas, miner, Main Street, Cairneyhill, wasContinue reading “1920s Crime in Cairneyhill”