Tribute to Anti-Burghers

Dear blog reader Cairneyhill is of note as it contains Scotland’s first anti-burgher Church so I thought this tribute to anti-burghers might be of interest. Jacqueline ********************************************** SOUTHERN REPORTER THURSDAY 26 OCTOBER 1905 THE ANTI-BURGHERS – A TRIBUTE BY MR THOMAS SHAW, MP Mr Thomas Shaw, who is no less a Churchman than a statesman,Continue reading “Tribute to Anti-Burghers”

Minister Released For Missionary Work

DUNDEE EVENING TELEGRAPH, TUESDAY 14 MAY 1946 FIFE MINISTER FOR MISSION FIELD Presbytery of Dunfermline and Kinross at a special meeting today agreed to the release of Rev Roy [Robert] MacVicar from his charge at Cairneyhill, for work at Livingstonia Mission, Central Africa. Mr MacVicar will be accompanied by his wife and baby daughter. HisContinue reading “Minister Released For Missionary Work”

Cairneyhill organist remembered

DUNDEE EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY 5 MARCH 1949 PRECENTOR TAUGHT HIM Mr David Peggie, formerly of Inverkeithing and now of Falkland, is to be honoured by Dunfermline and Kinross Presbytery in recognition of his jubilee as organist and choirmaster. Mr Peggie had his first music lessons from one of the old-time precentors at Falkland. At 18Continue reading “Cairneyhill organist remembered”

Obituary of Reverend William Forbes

DUNDEE COURIER, THURSDAY 3 JUNE 1943 47 YEARS’ MINISTRY IN FIFEDEATH OF REV. W FORBES, CAIRNEYHILL CHURCH A well-known Fife minister, Rev William Forbes, Cairneyhill Church of Scotland, who was joint clerk of Dunfermline and Kinross Presbytery, died in a Dunfermline nursing home yesterday at the age of 79. He had been in failing healthContinue reading “Obituary of Reverend William Forbes”


DUNFERMLINE SATURDAY PRESS SATURDAY 30 JULY 1864 JUBILEE SERVICES Meetings to celebrate the close of the fiftieth year of the Rev Mr More’s ministry will be held at Cairneyhill, on Wednesday 3rd August 1864. Dr Johnston, Limekilns, will preach in the Church. Worship to begin at two o’clock. Dinner will be served in the villageContinue reading “REVEREND MORE’S GOLDEN JUBILEE SERVICES”

Sir Robert Anstruther at Cairneyhill – a political hustings

Dear blog reader Sir Robert Anstruther, 5th Baronet, was a Scottish Liberal Party politician who was the MP for Fife between 1864 and 1880 and the MP for St Andrews from 1885 until his death in 1886. He was also the Lord Lieutenant of Fife from 1864 to 1886. Below is Sir Robert Anstruther’s portraitContinue reading “Sir Robert Anstruther at Cairneyhill – a political hustings”

Cairneyhill’s Faith History

Dear blog reader One of the ‘tag lines’ of my studies of the people and history of Cairneyhill is that Cairneyhill is very significant theologically in Scotland. The attached article gives a great deal of detail on Cairneyhill Church from it’s foundation in 1752 until 1861 but first some general history. For a long timeContinue reading “Cairneyhill’s Faith History”

1868 Church Minister’s opinion on walking speed

Dear blog reader I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that David Borland, the Cairneyhill Church minister in 1868, felt the need to write to The Scotsman about walking speed and so this week I share this quirkiness with you. Jacqueline **************************************************************************** THE SCOTSMAN 24 MARCH 1868 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR PRETTY TALL PEDESTRIANISM CairneyhillContinue reading “1868 Church Minister’s opinion on walking speed”

Why David Borland resigned as Church Minister

GLASGOW HERALD 27 JUNE 1876 The dispute between the Rev Mr Borland and the Cairneyhill United Presbyterian Congregation in as much as its unfortunate termination – the resignation of the minister – have lessons which ought not to be overlooked by young clergymen and the members of country churches. Cairneyhill is one of the numerousContinue reading “Why David Borland resigned as Church Minister”

Ordination of David Borland

Dunfermline Saturday Press 27 July 1867 Ordination at Cairneyhill Om Wednesday, the United Presbyterian Presbytery met in Cairneyhill Church, to induct Mr David Borland as assistant and successor to the Rev Mr More. The numbers of Presbytery present were – Rev Dr Johnston, Limekilns; Rev Messrs Young and Russell, Dunfermline; Fleming, Inverkeithing; Graham, Crossgates; Reid,Continue reading “Ordination of David Borland”