Cairneyhill Agricultural Co-Operative Society


Notice to farmers and smallholders.

The committee of the Cairneyhill Agricultural Co-Operative Society Ltd, beg to intimate to all farmers, smallholders, and allotment holders that they intend to open on December 21st the large premises at 61 to 65 Queen Anne Street, Dunfermline for the marketing of all kinds of farm produce, and wish all who are in a position to do so to send pigs, poultry, eggs, butter, rabbits, potatoes, seed and ware, carrots, onions, etc, to the Society to market them.

Myrend Lane


Cairneyhill Agricultural Co-Operative Society Ltd.

(Affiliated to the Scottish Central Markets Ltd).

Notice to farmers, small holders and allotment holders.

Cairneyhill Agricultural Co-Operative Society Ltd beg to offer to the public an unrivalled selection of seeds, plants and manures, as well as of all varieties of potatoes (for use as seed as well as for the table) and vegetables, at keenest possible prices. Prices and lists on application.

The society are also in a position to supply household coal in truck loads to any railway station in Scotland. Prices and rates on application.

Lime for land or building purposes can also be had from the society in any quantity from one cwt. to a waggon load.

The Society invite growers to correspond with them in regard to the marketing of their produce, as they are convinced they are able to offer terms which cannot be excelled elsewhere.

Note address: 61 to 65 Queen Anne Street, Dunfermline.

Hatches Matches and Dispatches Part 2

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This is the first part in a new series of Cairneyhill hatches, matches and dispatches that have appeared in the newspapers.

I have always found such finds very exciting in my own 30 years of family history research and I hope this helps anyone doing similar Cairneyhill-based research.

(Glossary: inst/instant means of the present month and ultimo means of last month).


Dunfermline Saturday Press, 8 January 1887

Moir. At Cairneyhill Manse, on the 7th inst., the wife of the Rev John Moir, of a daughter.


Fife Herald, 26 November 1840

Married, at Mrs More’s Seminary for Young Ladies, Cairneyhill Manse, by Dunfermline, on the 23rd current, Mr Robert Smith, plasterers, Markinch, to Mary, fourth daughter of Mr Mitchell, Markinch.

Fife Herald, 24 June 1845

Married, at Cairneyhill near Dunfermline, on the 19th current, by the Rev John More, Mr George Paterson, merchant, Ballymena, Ireland, to Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Mr John Duncanson, builder.

Greenock Advertiser, 19 October 1847

At Cairneyhill Manse, near Dunfermline, on the 13th inst., by the Rev John More, the Rev David Winton, Greenock, recently ordained as a Missionary to Jamaica in connection with the United Presbyterian Church, to Helen, daughter of the late Dr Baird, Liverpool.

Glasgow Herald, 10 September 1852

At Cairneyhill Manse, near Dunfermline, on the 8th inst., by the father of the bride, Mr Thomas Younger, junior, London, to Isabella Paxton, third daughter of the Rev John More, Cairneyhill.

Dunfermline Press, 13 August 1862

Corbett – More. At Cairneyhill Manse, on the 12th inst., by the father of the bride, the Rev. Joseph Corbett, United Presbyterian Church, Kilcreggan, to Mary, youngest daughter of the Rev John More.

Dundee Courier, 26 December 1882

At Muirside, Cairneyhill, on the 22nd inst., by the Rev Mr Gall, minister of Torryburn, assisted by the Rev Dr Pitt, BD, minister of the first charge the Abbey Church, Dunfermline, John Loudon, solicitor, Haddington, to Mary Paterson, third daughter of James Whyte, Esq, The Boreland, Glendevon, Perthshire, and Muirside, Cairneyhill, Fife.

Dunfermline Saturday Press, 5 March 1887

Stauners – Wilson. At Cairneyhill, on the 4th inst., by the Rev John Moir, BD, Alexander Stauners, Bo’ness, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late William Wilson, Cairneyhill.

Falkirk Herald, 8 June 1889

At Cairneyhill, Dunfermline, on the 6th inst., by the Rev John Moir, BD, James W Sturpart, harbourmaster, Bridgeness, to Eliza Wilson or Mackay, eldest daughter of the late William Wilson, Cairneyhill.


Oxford Journal, 15 January 1803

At Cairneyhill, Mrs Jane Moncrief, spouse to the Rev Thomas Blair, Minister there.

The Scots Magazine, 1 October 1820

8 September. At Stevenson, Ayrshire, after 2 days illness, the Rev Thomas Blair, late minister of the gospel, Cairneyhill.

Fifeshire Journal, 28 December 1871

At Pleasants, Cairneyhill, by Dunfermline, on the 20th inst., Mr Thomas Duncanson, builder, in the 63rd year of his age. Friends will please accept this intimation.

The Scotsman, 19 May 1917

White. At Collydean, Markinch, on 18th inst., William Paterson White, second son of the late James White, farmer, late of Muirside, Cairneyhill, and Meadowend, Clackmannan. Funeral Tuesday 22nd, to Lesley Cemetery, at 2pm. Friends kindly accept this invitation and intimation.

The Scotsman, 15 February 1934

Erskine. At Myrend, Cairneyhill, on 13th February, John Erskine of Myrend, aged 66 years, beloved husband of Grace Glass Ross. Funeral to Cairneyhill Churchyard on Friday, 16th February, at 2.30pm. Friends please accept this invitation and intimation.

The Scotsman, 8 May 1934

Lumsden. At Cairneyhill, on 6th May 1934, Andrew Lumsden, aged 61 years, second son of the late Andrew Lumsden, Midmill, Charlestown. Funeral to Cairneyhill Churchyard on Wednesday, 9th May, at 2.30pm.

The Scotsman, 7 June 1943

Mackay. At Infirmary Annexe, Glasgow, on 5th June 1943, Katherine Douglas Moir, beloved wife of the late E W Mackay, CA, 8 Crown Mansions, Glasgow, W1, second daughter of the late Rev John Moir, BD, Cairneyhill, Fife.

The Scotsman, 21 April 1950.

Robertson. At Catherine Place, Cairneyhill, on the 18th April, 1950, in his 81st year, John Robertson (joiner), husband of the late Marjory Anderson. Funeral to Cairneyhill Churchyard on Saturday 22nd April, at 2pm.

Carnock Parish in the Dunfermline Register: part 2

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This is part 2 of my series on the Dunfermline Register, which was printed periodically from 1829 to 1859, contain voter’s details, teacher’s details, heritor’s details, transport details and some extras.

I would describe this series as a combination of local and family history.

This particular blog post is the Carnock entry in the 1929 Dunfermline Register.





Alexander MacGregor – parochial.
Thomas Johnstone – Cairneyhill.


John Littlejohn, preses [president] and treasurer.


John Robertson, preses. Robert Kay.


Rev John More, president. Henry Bruce, secretary. Thomas Duncanson, treasurer. Collectors: Thomas Johnstone, J Duncanson sen., J Duncanson, Andrew Clark, John Laurance.


Edinburgh: Robert Heron on Thursday and W Erskine on Friday. Crieff: W Erskine on Monday. Auchterarder: R Heron on Friday.

Rabbit Shooting Fatality




A shot gun fatality has occurred at Cairneyhill, near Dunfermline, the victim being James Paton, labourer, the Bungalow, Hilton Road.

Hilton Road

The body was discovered near his home on a footpath, which is skirted by a hedge. There was a gunshot wound in his side, and the shot gun was found in the hedge.

Deceased was in the habit of shooting rabbits in his garden, and it is thought that when coming through the hedge the trigger of his gun had been released by a twig, the charge entering the man’s body.

Mr Paton was 58 years of age, and is survived by his widow and family.

Cairneyhill Gardening Brain




The Garden Guild scored a decided success with the ‘Brains Trust’ meeting held in the town, and it was freely acknowledged that the evening was one of the most enjoyable and instructive yet held by the guild.

Mr John W Hall, College of Agriculture, presided, and his fellow-members of the Trust were Dr Foister, plant pathologist, Scottish Department of Agriculture; Dr Smith, science lecturer, College of Agriculture; Mr N C Lyle, Leslie House; and Mr E Pattie, nurseryman, Cairneyhill, an outstanding group in the scientific and practical spheres of gardening.

Main Street, Cairneyhill

The president of the Guild, Mr W R Thomas, acted as question-master, and at the outset introduced in very humorous terms the members of the Trust to a large audience. The questions put in were many and varied, and the replies conveyed valuable instruction and knowledge, enhanced at times by controversial argument by members of the Trust which brought out much very useful information.

Mr Thomas, in proposing the thanks of the meeting to the members of the Trust, expressed the Guild’s indebtedness to these gentlemen for their attendance and for the practicable and profitable education they had given in reply to the questions. Mr Hall replied to the vote of thanks and suggested that another Brains Trust be arranged later in the season to dispose of a number of questions left over. A vote of thanks to Mr Thomas was proposed by Mr James Curle, vice-president, and this closed a most successful meeting.

Cairneyhill School Presentations



The annual soiree of the children attending the day and Sabbath schools at Cairneyhill took place on Friday afternoon, in the village schoolroom.

Cairneyhill Church Manse

Mr Archibald Duncanson occupied the chair. After an excellent tea, the children were addressed by the Rev. Mr Salmond, of South Shields, and Rev. John More, and others. In the course of the evening, the teacher of the day school, Mr Thomas Alexander, was presented by Mr Scott, farmer, Hilton, in name of the scholars, with a pure containing seven guineas. Mr Alexander made a very feeling reply. During the evening several ladies and gentlemen sung several songs in a highly creditable manner. The Misses Duncanson presided at the pianoforte.

At the close the customary votes of thanks were passed in favour of speakers, vocalists and chairman, and the meeting separated.

Cairneyhill Census 1841 Part 2

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Below is part 2 of my series on the Cairneyhill censuses, pages 5 to 8 of the original schedule for the 1841 census.

I do hope all of you with Cairneyhill ancestors will find this useful.



Cairneyhill – south side of the street.

West End, Cairneyhill

Page 5 of the schedule.

NameAgeProfessionIf Scottish if born in countyWhether foreign , English or Irish
Janet Deas6 monthsYes
James Donaldson60Linen hand loom weaverYes
Elizabeth Donaldson55Yes
Marion Thomson45Yes
Isabella Thomson14Yes
John Thomson11Yes
William Bruce15ServantYes
John Gilmour28 Linen hand loom weaverYes
David Gilmour3Yes
Andrew Gilmour1Yes
Christian Gilmour25Yes
Thomas Duncanson60MerchantYes
Janet Duncanson50No
Catherine Duncanson25Yes
Christian Duncanson15Yes
James Duncanson13Yes
William Hodge 40Letter carrierYes
Euphemia Hodge45Yes
William Hodge15Linen hand loom weaver apprenticeYes
Angus Hodge5Yes
Ann Cant60Yes
Henry Arnot35Linen hand loom weaverYes
Betsy Hodge35Yes
James Hodge7Yes
Alexander Hodge6Yes

Page 6 of the schedule

NameAgeProfessionIf Scottish if born in countyWhether foreign , English or Irish
Henry Arnot2Yes
Jean Arnot6 monthsYes
Alexander Robertson75LabourerNo
Robert Smeaton80Linen hand loom weaverYes
Margaret Smeaton60Yes
James Smeaton35Yes
William Blackwood20Yes
Robert Blackwood9Yes
Christian Thomson50Yes
Ann Mould24Yes
William Black20Linen hand loom weaverYes
Betsy Black20Yes
James Black6 monthsYes
John Cochrane45Agricultural LabourerNo
Agnes Cochrane14Yes
Anne Punt20NoEnglish
George Punt4Yes
John Punt1Yes
Alexander Deas20Linen hand loom weaverYes
Christian Deas25No
Lydia Cochrane4Yes
William Robertson50Army PensionerNo
Martha Robertson20NoEnglish
Thomas Robertson12Yes
David Robertson9No

Page 7 of the schedule:

NameAgeProfessionIf Scottish if born in countyWhether foreign , English or Irish
Catherine McNair40Yes
Andrew McNair20Linen hand loom weaverYes
James McNair15Linen hand loom weaverYes
Ann Crawford20Female servantYes
George Paterson57Cotton hand loom weaverNo
Margaret Paterson45Yes
Thomas Paterson25ShopkeeperYes
James Paterson14Linen hand loom weaverYes
William Paterson20Linen hand loom weaverYes
John Paterson11Yes
Margaret Paterson15Yes
Janet Paterson6Yes
Henry Fotheringham45Linen hand loom weaverYes
Ann Fotheringham45Yes
Ann Fotheringham15Yes
Thomas Fotheringham14Linen hand loom weaver apprenticeYes
Christian Fotheringham12Yes
William Fotheringham8Yes
John Fotheringham11 monthsYes
Alexander Erskine69Linen hand loom weaverYes
Janet Erskine68Yes
David Gilmour60Linen hand loom weaverYes
Janet Gilmour50Yes
Janet Gilmour13Yes

Page 8 of the schedule:

NameAgeProfessionIf Scottish if born in countyWhether foreign , English or Irish
John Herron25Carrier and spirit dealerYes
Christian Herron25No
Isabella Herron2Yes
Margaret Laurie20Female servantYes
Margaret Bennet20Female servantNo
James Herron30CarrierYes
Helen Herron30Yes
James Herron8Yes
Andrew Herron6Yes
Henry Herron4Yes
John Herron9 monthsYes
John Wightman50Linen hand loom weaverYes
Helen Wightman45Yes
John Wightman20House carpenterYes
David Wightman11Linen draper apprenticeYes
William Wightman11Yes
Margaret Wightman7Yes
John Henderson71Navy sailor and linen hand loom weaverYes
Jean Henderson70Yes
Campbell Drysdale6Yes
Thomas Dobbie20Linen hand loom weaverNo
Catherine Dobbie25Yes
Elizabeth Dobbie1Yes
Peter Keir35Linen hand loom weaverNo
John Keir3Yes

Ten Thousand Views – Thank You

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I received word today that my Cairneyhill local history website has now achieved 10,000 views.

I’m so grateful to all those who have read my blog posts and I never fail to be amazed by the comments, emails and documents I receive from people interested in Cairneyhill’s history and from people who have ancestors from Cairneyhill.

Thank you so much.


Missionary Work



Rev R B McVicar, who recently left Cairneyhill Church, near Dunfermline, for missionary work in Nyasaland [Nyasaland is now known as Malawi], is finding his new sphere busy and interesting.

Education is one of the greatest needs in his new territory he writes in a letter to a friend.

Despite his short stay in Central Africa, he has already welcomed a colleague and fellow Scot in Miss Campbell from Milnathort.

Mr McVicar, whose wife was formerly Miss Mary Weir, a nurse at King’s Cross Hospital, Dundee, is a son of the manse and an honours graduate of St Andrews University. He held appointments in Forfar and Arbroath before becoming senior assistant in St Mary’s Parish Church, Dundee.

He was locum tenens at Oakfield Church, Kelty, and afterwards went to Cairneyhill, where he took a leading part in youth activities.

His work in Nyasaland includes supervision of the training of native missionaries and teachers.

Obituary of John Bald



By the death of Mr John Bald, which occurred on Saturday morning at his residence, Cairneymount, Grove Road, West Ferry, the doyen of Dundee businessmen has been removed.

Mr Bald was born at Cairneyhill, near Dunfermline, eighty-two years ago, and served his apprenticeship as a draper with Messrs W & J McLaren, drapers, Dunfermline.  He afterwards went to Edinburgh, where he was in the service of McLaren, Oliver & Co, and came to Dundee in 1865.

Cairneyhill Main Street

He started business  as a linen merchant with Mr R C McGregor under the firm name of McGregor & Bald, and the firm continued under that style until the death of Mr McGregor in 1898.  Five years afterwards Mr Bald assumed his son, Mr James C Bald, as a partner, and the business has since been carried on under the firm name of John Bald & Son.

Mr Bald retired from active business life three years ago.  He was a unionist in politics, and an esteemed member of St Stephen’s Parish Church, Broughty Ferry.  Mr Bald is survived by one son and two daughters.