Robert Herron receives his Knighthood



A fortnight ago we stated that Mr Robert Herron, a native of Cairneyhill, was one of those who had been selected by the Queen for the honour of Knighthood, and we are pleased to observe that on Tuesday this week the honour was formally conferred by His Excellency the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, at the Viceregal Lodge.

Sir Robert Herron is the third and last surviving son of the late Robert Herron, Cairneyhill. On completing his education at the Dunfermline High School, he left for Ireland, and at the age of seventeen commenced a business training in the firm of Alexander Findlater & Co, Kingstown. Sir Robert has been a member to the Kingstown Township Board since 1869, and became chairman for the first time ten years afterwards, being appointed justice of the peace same year.

Sir Robert Herron

Re-elected chairman in 1880, he filled the chair when the new Town Hall was opened, on which occasion he invited Earl Cowper, then Lord Lieutenant, to perform the opening ceremony. Sir Robert’s arrangements were of a very elaborate character, and the banquet and ball which he gave – at which nearly a thousand guests were present – reflected great credit on the township. It was generally believed that he would receive the accolade, but that morning a telegram was received by Earl Cowper announcing his mother’s death, and he was unable to go to Kingstown.

At the close of that year Sir Robert was presented with a magnificent service of plate, valued at £300, and was entertained at a banquet. He was again elected chairman in 1883, and the honour was repeated at the beginning of the present year. Sir Robert’s wife died four years ago, and he lost his only son just three months since. Sir Robert is a Presbyterian, and has been hon. treasurer of that body for 21 years. He qualifies as an ex officio guardian of the Rathdown Union out of his Kingstown property, and for the same position in the South Dublin Union out of his property in the city. He has large bakery and flour establishments in Dublin, Kingstown, and Rathmines. In politics Sir Robert is a progressive Conservative – more popularly called a democratic Tory – but he is very popular with all sections of the people.

It may interest the members of the ‘Craft’ in Dunfermline and West Fife, that Sir Robert also takes a lively interest in all that concerns the progress and prosperity of Free Masonry. He was some time ago appointed as representative from Washington, USA, to the Grand Lodge of Ireland. He is also a Grand Officer of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Ireland, and Grand Warden of the Northern Counties.

Sir Robert has been kind enough to forward to us a most striking and highly artistic cabinet likeness of himself in Court costume; and certainly the man does no discredit to the portrait as a work of art.

4 thoughts on “Robert Herron receives his Knighthood

    1. John, my Mum died suddenly just over 4 weeks ago and I’m afraid my head just isn’t in blogging just now. As a family we’re gradually getting used to a new routine/normal without Mum and I will restart blogging when I feel able. Jacqueline


      1. Dear Jacqueline,
        I am so sorry to hear your sad news.
        Please accept my sincere condolences. I know how it feels to lose someone so close after losing our son to a brain tumour at 42 a couple of years ago and the impact it has on all the family.
        Your blog is so interesting for me and so many others but I am sure we are all happy to wait until your feel able to resume.
        Please take care of yourself.
        Best Wishes,
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