Death after Mrs Moir’s funeral




The death of the Rev. Thomas Doig, minister of the Free Church congregation of Torryburn, took place at his manse on the afternoon of Wednesday.

Torryburn Church

Mr Doig was in his usual health on Tuesday afternoon. He attended the meeting of Presbytery which was held on the 20th ult. at Aberdour, and laid on the table a set of resolutions on the Union question, which he proposed to move at the succeeding meeting. He returned home on Friday, and preached with his wonted animation to his own people on Sabbath.

On Monday he attended the funeral of his old neighbour, Mrs Moir, of Cairneyhill, and appeared on Tuesday to have suffered no fatigue. After dinner on Tuesday he retired to his study, was shortly found by one of his family in a fainting state.

Cairneyhill Church

Insensibility speedily followed, from which he never rallied – death taking place about twenty-four hours afterwards.

Born at Aberdeen at the close of the last century – a child of the Manse – he was ordained at Arbroath to the second charge of that parish when only 22 years of age. A few years thereafter he was translated to parish of Torryburn, in which he continued to labour until his death.

Had he been spared until Tuesday he would have renewed his old testimony. His last act as a minister of the Word was to preach to his flock of the Divine favour shown to our land in the gospel of his Son, and to pray that He would receive us again, that we may rejoice in Him.

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