Cairneyhill Agricultural Co-Operative Society


Notice to farmers and smallholders.

The committee of the Cairneyhill Agricultural Co-Operative Society Ltd, beg to intimate to all farmers, smallholders, and allotment holders that they intend to open on December 21st the large premises at 61 to 65 Queen Anne Street, Dunfermline for the marketing of all kinds of farm produce, and wish all who are in a position to do so to send pigs, poultry, eggs, butter, rabbits, potatoes, seed and ware, carrots, onions, etc, to the Society to market them.

Myrend Lane


Cairneyhill Agricultural Co-Operative Society Ltd.

(Affiliated to the Scottish Central Markets Ltd).

Notice to farmers, small holders and allotment holders.

Cairneyhill Agricultural Co-Operative Society Ltd beg to offer to the public an unrivalled selection of seeds, plants and manures, as well as of all varieties of potatoes (for use as seed as well as for the table) and vegetables, at keenest possible prices. Prices and lists on application.

The society are also in a position to supply household coal in truck loads to any railway station in Scotland. Prices and rates on application.

Lime for land or building purposes can also be had from the society in any quantity from one cwt. to a waggon load.

The Society invite growers to correspond with them in regard to the marketing of their produce, as they are convinced they are able to offer terms which cannot be excelled elsewhere.

Note address: 61 to 65 Queen Anne Street, Dunfermline.

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