Cairneyhill Gardening Brain




The Garden Guild scored a decided success with the ‘Brains Trust’ meeting held in the town, and it was freely acknowledged that the evening was one of the most enjoyable and instructive yet held by the guild.

Mr John W Hall, College of Agriculture, presided, and his fellow-members of the Trust were Dr Foister, plant pathologist, Scottish Department of Agriculture; Dr Smith, science lecturer, College of Agriculture; Mr N C Lyle, Leslie House; and Mr E Pattie, nurseryman, Cairneyhill, an outstanding group in the scientific and practical spheres of gardening.

Main Street, Cairneyhill

The president of the Guild, Mr W R Thomas, acted as question-master, and at the outset introduced in very humorous terms the members of the Trust to a large audience. The questions put in were many and varied, and the replies conveyed valuable instruction and knowledge, enhanced at times by controversial argument by members of the Trust which brought out much very useful information.

Mr Thomas, in proposing the thanks of the meeting to the members of the Trust, expressed the Guild’s indebtedness to these gentlemen for their attendance and for the practicable and profitable education they had given in reply to the questions. Mr Hall replied to the vote of thanks and suggested that another Brains Trust be arranged later in the season to dispose of a number of questions left over. A vote of thanks to Mr Thomas was proposed by Mr James Curle, vice-president, and this closed a most successful meeting.

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