New Railway in 1906




The above sketch shows the new branch of the North British Railway which links up Kincardine-On-Forth with Dunfermline, and which will be opened for public traffic on Monday first.

Yesterday the line was subjected to a Board of Trade inspection, and today, through the courtesy of the North British Railway Company, a number of press representatives had an opportunity of going over the latest addition to the company’s now extensive railways. It is not so very long ago since the Alloa and Kincardine branch was inaugurated, and though this proved a great boon, the want of railway communication further east in that direction was always felt. The Edinburgh, Alloa, and Stirling line runs further north, almost parallel, but it was too far distant to be of any service to the population on the shores of the Forth.

To reach the ancient and Royal burgh of Culross (which has come into the public eye of late through discoveries made at the Abbey) the coach had to be employed from Kincardine on the one hand, and Dunfermline on the other, but in these days one likes to regard coaching as a luxury rather than a necessity. The attempts, therefore, to boom the village as a holiday resort were never very successful, but it has charms that appeal to those who like a quiet restful holiday, and now that railway facilities are at hand it may take a fresh lease of life. Picturesquely situated on the banks of the Forth, the village is not without interest historically.

Torryburn and Cairneyhill are the other stations on the eleven miles long line, and a junction is effected with the Dunfermline and Charlestown railway. The line, which is a single one, runs along the foreshore for some distance on an embankment.

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