George Paterson Provost



George Paterson

Me George Paterson, Homepark, almost a centenarian, and perhaps the oldest residenter in Broughty Ferry, passed away yesterday morning. His was an interesting personality, not alone in point of age, but in respect of Church service and other ways.

The deceased, despite his years, enjoyed wonderfully good health till almost the end, and his last illness was only of about two days’ duration. A gentleman of more than average intelligence and possessing a retentive memory, he was wont to be a most interesting conversationalist.

A native of Cairneyhill, Dunfermline, he in early life learned the drapery trade, foe which he travelled in the days of the stage coach, and of the experiences of which he possessed many interesting reminiscinces. Leaving ‘the road’ Mr Paterson was a few years in business in Ballymena, Ireland. While there he was a Sabbath School teacher, and as showing the respect in which he was held an incident recalling a kindly disposition may be related. After being away for about ten years he was revisiting the Irish town, along with his wife and family, and while passing along the streets several of his former scholars recognised him, and were not content until they had shaken hands with him.

Mr Paterson was subsequently in business as a draper, &c, in Burntisland, and took an active interest in public affairs there. He was a Town Councillor for some years, and attained the dignity of Provost, a post he held for over 3 years, and which he resigned in 1885. Identified with the United Presbyterian Church there, Mr Paterson was ordained to the eldership in 1849.

He came to Broughty Ferry in 1886, and four years later was inducted and elder of Queen Street U F Church. On attaining his jubilee as an elder in 1899 he was made the recipient of an illuminated address to mark the unique event.

Deceased was an ardent Liberal, and his appearances at the polling booths in Dundee and Broughty Ferry in recent elections occasioned the liveliest interest.

Mr Paterson’s wife predeceased him several years ago. He is survived by a son, a banker in England, and two daughters, one of whom is Miss Paterson, principal, Homepark School. He entered his 99th year on Sunday last.

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