Royal wedding celebrations

Prince Albert of Wales, the son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and Princess Alexandra of Denmark married on 10 March 1863 at Windsor Castle.

Naturally there were the usual celebrations of a royal wedding everywhere in Britain and what follows are a description of the celebrations that took place in Cairneyhill.




Prince Albert and Princess Alexandra

The children attending the village school here were entertained at the expense of Sir Arthur Halkett to tea and cookies.

At four o’clock, about forty feuars sat down to a most sumptious dinner, provided by the same liberal baronet.  Mr John Bruce took the chair, and Mr William Erskine acted as croupier. After dinner, the chairman proposed the following toasts: ‘The Queen’, ‘Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra’, in the giving of which he displayed very great taste and ability. The croupier proposed ‘The other members of the Royal Family’, in a very appropriate manner. Mr George Mitchell proposed ‘The Army and Navy’. The chairman proposed ‘Sir Arthur Halkett’, and in doing so, he referred to the generosity and good-feeling which that gentleman had all along manifested to the inhabitants of Cairneyhill, and that these characteristics he had inherited from his ancestors. Mr George Paterson proposed ‘Lady Halkett’, Mr Alex Morris proposed ‘Miss Hill, and the family of Sir Arthur Halkett’, Mr John Duncanson proposed ‘Lady Dowager Halkett’. Along with these, many more toasts were proposed, and heartily responded to.

The happiness of the evening was greatly enlivened by a few songs that were given by some of the oldest feuars, both male and female. After singing in unison ‘Auld Lang Syne’ the meeting broke up.

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