Cairneyhill Police Station

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This article about improving facilities in Cairneyhill police station intrigued me because I have never heard of a police station in Cairneyhill.

Please do get in touch if you have any information on where the police station was.




Police housing and telephones were discussed at a meeting of the Police Committee of Fife County Council held yesterday at Cupar. Mr John Cameron, Thornton, presided.

Mr Victor G Savi, the chief constable, recommended the installation of telephoes in the stations at Letham, Springfield, Kingskettle, Strathkinness, Wormit, Denbeath, Cairneyhill, Culross, Limekilns and Torryburn.

The chairman said he was afraid they could not install telephones in the stations recommended at the moment without a supplementary estimate. They should wait until the end of the financial year.

Provost Struth, Cupar, thought it was a case which cried out for immediate attention. There should be telephones in every police station to aid in the detection of crime. He moved that they approve the installation of phones in every station in the county. Baillie Leslie, Cowdenbeath, seconded.

Mr Savi said there were instances that men from stations with telephones had to cycle to tell constables in stations without phones that they were wanted at some place close at hand. That meant tremendous waste of time,and it might be a matter of life or death. Fortunately that had not happened often.

Mr John McArthur, Buckhaven, said if the provision of these telephones was to curtail their expenditure there were more urgent matters to be tackled first. It was months since he had complained about the unsatisfactory conditions of police housing, and they had no report of any progress being made.

Mr William Dawson, Kingskettle, moved that they delay the telephone question until the end of the financial year, and was seconded by Sir Thomas Erskine, Bart. of Cambo.

Provost Struth amended his motion to a recommendation to the Finance Committee but it was defeated by 16 votes to 2.

It was agreed that a telephone should be installed in the houses of the superintendent and depute chief constable at Cupar.

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    1. John, thank you for the extra information. I’ll keep searching for more information on Cairneyhill police station and will publish a blog post if I find anything. Thanks for taking the time to comment and for your continuing support. Best wishes. Jacqueline.


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