Cairneyhill Horticultural Society Exhibition



On Friday last the Horticultural Society here, held their second exhibition for the season in the village school-room, which was tastefully decorated with evergreens for the occasion. Much credit is due to the competitors for the excellent vegetables, fruits, and flowers brought forward, which, both in quality and quantity, exceeded the expectations of the most sanguine.

The vegetables, with the exception of Swedish turnips, were fully equal to those of former years. We should particularly notice the potatoes exhibited, the size and quality of which excited the wonder and admiration of visitors. There were fewer visitors than on some former occasions. Among these were Sir P A Halkett of Pitfirrane and party, who, by their kind amiable manner, won the esteem of all present.

Messrs Stenhouse, Pitfirrane and Grandison, Valleyfield, acted as judges, and awarded the prizes as under, to the satisfaction of the competitors:-

Dahlias, sorts, 1st, James Kay.
Hollybacks, sorts, 1st, James Clark.
African marigolds, two sorts, 1st James Swan, 2nd James Kay.
French marigolds. two sorts, 1st Andrew Dobbie, 2nd Peter Deas.
Apples, 1st Henry Deas, 2nd Andrew Dobbie.
Jargonelle pears, 1st William Black.
Cauliflowers, 1st Henry Deas.
Beans, 1st John Downie, 2nd Andrew Dobbie.
Pease, 1st Alex Bald, 2nd Alex Deas.
Spring-sown onions, 1st James Clark, 2nd W Black.
Leeks, 1st James Swan, 2nd Andrew Dobbie.
Savoy, 1st John Downie, 2nd James Herron.
Carrots, forks cut off, 1st W Black, 2nd Andrew McNair.
Swedish turnips, 1st Henry Deas, 2nd Alex Bald.
Potatoes, 1st Andrew McNair, 2nd John Downie.
Late cabbage, 1st John Downie, 2nd William Black.
Rhubarb, 1st James Clark, 2nd W Black.
Calico potatoes, 1st John Downie, 2nd Alex Bald.
Blue kidney potatoes, 1st Henry Deas, 2nd James Kay.
Love-lies-bleeding, 1st W Black, 2nd James Swan.
Asters, sorts, 1st James Swan, 2nd Alex Deas.
Fancy Dahlias, three sorts, 1st James Kay.
Hollyhock blossoms, sorts, 1st James Clark, 2nd W Black.
Stocks, sorts, 1st James Swan, 2nd W Black.
Fuchsias, one light and one dark, 1st Peter Deas, 2nd James Herron.
Asters and three French marigolds, James Swan.

The members, along with the judges and a few friends, dined together after the exhibition, and spent a happy evening, enlivened by songs and recitations.

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