Cairneyhill Temperance Society in 1838



Notwithstanding the contemptible pulings of a small wit who writes in a contemporary regarding soirées, we have the pleasure to record other two which took place last week in our neighbourhood, one at Charlestown, and the other at Cairneyhill, both of which were numerously attended, and went off well.

At Charlestown the Rev Mr Johnston of Limekilns presided, the soirée being held by the members of his congregation, who were addressed by several clergymen on the subjects of peace, savings banks, and British seamen.

The soirée at Cairneyhill was given by the Temperance Society, and the chair was filled by Mr F Duncanson, president. This was a very happy social meeting; temperance principles were ably advocated by several young gentlemen, many of whom are here throwing their youthful seal and vigour into the temperance cause.  Other young men gave very excellent and original addresses on missions, freedom of opinion, happiness, and other interesting subjects.

The Rev Mr More, who was the only professional speaker present, gave a very animated extempore speech at the conclusion, which was responded to with three hearty cheers. The arrangements of this soirée were a decided improvement on any we have yet attended. The speeches were short and pithy, and numerous, nearly a dozen, and the variety consequent on this, together with the music and refreshments, kept up the interest for more than five hours, an argument in favour of soirées not easily to be got over.

Mr Taylor, the young gentleman who conducted the music, richly deserved his vote of thanks. His vocal band acquitted themselves admirably, and sung a Temperance Ode, written and printed for the occasion, with considerable spirit and effect. It was called for again near the close, and sung by the whole assembly, among whom the printed copies were distributed. A young lady, possessed of a rich sweet voice contributed much to the harmony of the meeting, by the song she gave. She was deservedly encored. In fact it was chiefly owing to the exertions of the ladies, especially those of the committee, that every one was so well satisfied.

The surplus funds, amounting to fourteen shillings, were voted to the Cairneyhill Beneficent Female Society. We trust that the same good feelings will be manifested at all the soirées given in this small but spirited village.

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