Cairneyhill Valuation Roll 1925

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Welcome to the eighth part in a series, a list of the people, with address and occupation where known, who were connected with Cairneyhill in 1925.

In 1925 there were 120 people listed, with 25 addresses specified, and 7 occupations comprising 1 Church minister, 1 joiner, 4 shopkeepers and 1 smith.

This compares with 135 people listed in 1920 with 14 occupations comprising 1 Church minister, 2 joiners, 1 market gardener, 1 slaughter house keeper, 6 shop keepers, 1 station master, 1 smith and 1 weaver, 131 people listed in 1915 with 20 occupations comprising 10 shopkeepers, 2 publicans, 1 farmer, 1 Church minister, 1 smith, 2 slaughter house keepers, 1 market gardener, 1 joiner and 1 weaver, 110 people listed in 1905 with 10 occupations comprising 4 weavers, 1 publican, 1 esquire, 2 Church ministers, 1 smith and 1 shop owner, 106 people listed in 1895 with 9 occupations comprising 5 weavers, 1 Church minister, 1 blacksmith and 2 joiners,  98 people listed in 1885 with 17 occupations comprising 10 weavers, 2 Church ministers, 2 blacksmiths, 2 joiners and one farmer, with  75 people listed in 1875 with 22 occupations comprising 14 weavers, 2 Church ministers, 2 wrights, 3 farmers and one joiner, with 65 people listed in 1865 with 27 occupations comprising 22 weavers, one blacksmith, one joiner, 2 wrights and one Church minister and with 66 people listed in 1855 with 4 occupations comprising 3 weavers and one blacksmith.

Hopefully those of you with ancestors from Cairneyhill will find this list useful.


William Adie, Main Street

Alexander Allan

William Allan, Main Street

Peter Allan

William Appleford

Thomas Arnott, Erskine Cottage

William Arnott

Reuben Arthur

David Bald

John Barnard

Alexander Beveridge, joiner

George S Black

Ann Bruce

Margaret Cook

David Cook

William Crawford

Peter Davidson

David Deas

Alexander Deas

William Deas

James Donald

Thomas Downie

David Drummond

John Drummond

Agnes Drummond

Margaret Drysdale

James Duffin

Mrs Hannah Duncanson

Mrs Jane Easson, Bankview

John Erskine, Myrend

John Erskine, Nether Pitdinnie

William Erskine

Christina Erskine

Grace Erskine, Bankview

W Fairley

Elizabeth Fairley

James Fairley

Robert Finlayson

Alexander Flint

Reverend William Forbes, manse

James Forrester

Thomas Fotheringham

William Fotheringham

Anne Fotheringham

James Fox

John Fraser

Norman Fraser

George Fyfe

Ethel M Glover, Holm Cottage

Frederick Gray

John Hodge

Matilda Hodge, Main Street

Peter Hogg

Katharine Howieson

James Hunter, smithy

William Hynd, shop

Michael Kirk

Mrs Lamont, Nether Pitdinnie

John Lamont

Mrs Mary Lawson

William Lindsay

David Lloyd

Robert P Low

Andrew Lumsden, farm

John MacArthur, Burnside

Alexander MacDonald

James MacDonald

James MacDonald, Pleasance

John MacDonald

James MacKean

Mrs Mary MacKenzie

William MacNair

William MacQuire

James Marshall

Peter May

John W Meek

William Meikle

Dougal Millar, shop

Dougal Millar, hall

John Milne

James Mitchell, Bellabank

John Morris

Alexander Mowat

Thomas Ness

John Page, Nether Pitdinnie

William Paterson

Charlotte Paterson

Archibald Penman, shop, Main Street

John Penrice

Alexander Philip

John W Philip, Main Street

James Philip, West End

William Philp, Calderwood

Andrew Ramsay

Catherine Reid

John Robertson, Burnside

Isabella Robertson, shop

Charles Robertson

James Ross

Robert Ross

William Ross

William Russell

William Sellars

D Sellars

Daniel Smith

Walter Stewart

Robert D Stobie

William Templeman

David Thomson

John Thomson

George Turnbull

Mrs Mary Wright

Hugh Wildridge

John Wilson

Alexander Wright

James Wright, Main Street

Margaret Wright, Batavia

John Wright, Batavia

William Young

2 thoughts on “Cairneyhill Valuation Roll 1925

  1. Hello, I believe that Cairneyhill Parish Church was formerly an Anti-Burgher Church.Do you know who holds the Parish Records for the 18th and 19th Century as they are not included in the Church of Scotland ones.I am trying to trace Christian Fotheringham nee Stalker who is buried in Cairneyhill Churchyard.Kind Regards.JohnSent from my Galaxy

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  2. Hi John. Thanks for your comment, how nice to hear from you. Indeed Cairneyhill was originally anti-burgher. The National Records of Scotland in Edinburgh hold Cairneyhill’s Kirk Session records (ie parish records). I enquired a few months ago and they’re aiming to digitise Cairneyhill’s Kirk Session records onto the government’s Scotland’s People website by the end of this year. In the meantime I’ll check my list of Cairneyhill gravestones for you. Best wishes. Jacqueline.


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