Cairneyhill Temperance Society in 1837

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Cairneyhill Temperance Society had an annual soirée which was reported in the local newspapers and below are the details of the 1837 annual soirée.

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We have much pleasure in recording other two soirées which took place in this neighbourhood last week – one at Kelty, and the other at Cairneyhill. Both were given by the Temperance Society belonging to each place, and had for their object the promotion of that cause.

At Kelty, addresses were delivered by Mr Duncan of Cleish, Mr Hay of Kinross, Mr Young of Dunfermline, and others; and the evening’s proceedings were enlivened by a band of music and songs. The company, nearly 200, were so highly gratified, that they determined to have another in the open air during the summer.

At the soirée at Cairneyhill, the chair was most ably filled by Mr Robert Kirk, a young man of the village, who, in a very forcible manner, set forth the virtue of temperance in his opening address, and whose tact in keeping up the spirit and harmony of the meeting we have rarely seen equalled. The principal part of the evening was occupied by several speeches, not from professionals, but from the young men of the village and neighbourhood, who delivered their sentiments on temperance and other subjects in a most eloquent manner – a manner most creditable to themselves and encouraging to others.

“Let those speak now who never spoke before, and those who always spoke now speak the more”.

The Rev Mr More, in a very happy speech delivered on the spur of the moment, reviewed the evening’s proceedings, expressing his satisfaction and pleasure at seeing so many cheerful faces beaming with such good-will, and voted thanks to the chairman, which was received with acclamation. He concluded the meeting by prayer. This soirée was almost wholly got up and managed by the young ladies of the village, and reflected every credit on their good taste and skill. There were nearly one hundred present.

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