Ladies’ Seminary In 1843

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The ladies’ seminary in Cairneyhill was examined annually and the results reported in the newspapers.

Below are the findings from the 1843 inspection of the ladies’ seminary.

I do hope you find them interesting.





The annual examination of the seminary for young ladies, taught by Mrs More and her daughters, at Cairneyhill Manse, by Dunfermline, took place on the 2d instant [meaning the current month], in the presence of a number of the parents, and of the Rev Messrs Gilfillan, Stirling; Johnstone, Limekilns; Gilston, Carnock; and Young, Cuthbertson and McMichael, Dunfermline, who expressed much pleasure in bearing testimony to the efficient manner in which the establishment continues to be conducted, and their opinion that the several branches of secular education are skilfully and successfully taught, and it’s due prominence given to the all important department of moral and religious education.

The several classes of English reading, grammar, arithmetic, geography, botany, French, Italian, Church history, Scripture instruction etc, acquitted themselves in a manner which evinced at once the skill and assiduity of the teachers, and the diligence and proficiency of the pupils.

A number of well-written essays, on a variety of subjects, were read as specimens of composition. The walls of the school-room were tastefully covered with drawings in pencil, chalk, and water-colours, of a great variety of subjects, and many of them displaying a high degree of proficiency in the art. Several pieces of beautiful embroidery and needlework were also displayed. In the evening the young ladies gave a specimen of their proficiency in music, when a number of fine pieces were performed in a correct and tasteful manner, concluding with the national anthem.

The effect of the examination was to sustain and increase the high and well-earned reputation of the seminary.


The manse, where the seminary took place, is the building on the right in this picture:

Cairneyhill Church and Manse.

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