Cairneyhill Ladies Seminary in 1842

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The ladies seminary/school in Cairneyhill was examined on an annual basis by local people and this is the report of the annual inspection of the ladies seminary in 1842.

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The seminary for young ladies here, conducted by Mrs More and her daughters, was examined last week by the Rev. Messrs Duncan of Culross, Gilston of Carnock, Young, Cuthbertson, MacMichael and Gibson of Dunfermline, in presence of many parents and friends.

From first to last the appearance made by the pupils was very gratifying in all the branches on which they were examined. The examinators repeatedly expressed their satisfaction during the day. A concert of vocal and instrumental music was given in the evening by the young ladies, who performed several difficult pieces in brilliant style. The walls of the school were hung with drawings and embroidery, all evincing much artistic skill.

The whole proceedings well maintained that superior character which this long-established institution has deservedly earned.

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