Cairneyhill Valuation Roll 1905

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Welcome to the sixth part in a series, a list of the people, with occupation where known, who were connected with Cairneyhill in 1905.

In 1905, there were 110 people listed with 10 occupations comprising 4 weavers, 1 publican, 1 esquire, 2 Church ministers, 1 smith and 1 shop owner.

This compares with 106 people listed in 1895 with 9 occupations comprising 5 weavers, 1 Church minister, 1 blacksmith and 2 joiners,  98 people listed in 1885 with 17 occupations comprising 10 weavers, 2 Church ministers, 2 blacksmiths, 2 joiners and one farmer, with  75 people listed in 1875 with 22 occupations comprising 14 weavers, 2 Church ministers, 2 wrights, 3 farmers and one joiner, with 65 people listed in 1865 with 27 occupations comprising 22 weavers, one blacksmith, one joiner, 2 wrights and one Church minister and with 66 people listed in 1855 with 4 occupations comprising 3 weavers and one blacksmith.

Hopefully those of you with ancestors from Cairneyhill will find this list useful.


William Addie

Miss Isabella G Addison

David Alexander

Angelina Bain

Mrs Mary Bald

John Bald, weaver

William Beveridge

David Deas Blair

George Bowie

Miss Ann Bruce

Miss Agnes Bute or Calderhead

Margaret Christie

Henry Cook

David Cook, publican

Richard Cook

James Coyle

Mrs Mary Cree

Miss Christina Crombie

Lawrence Dalgleish Esquire

William Deas

John Devon

Helen Dewar or Dick widow

Dominus Docherty

Thomas Downie

John Downie

John Drummond

Miss Margaret Drysdale

William Drysdale

Campbell Drysdale

Reverend Peter C Duncanson

Alexander Duncanson

John Duncanson

James Duncanson

William Erskine

Miss Christina Erskine

Alexander Erskine

John Erskine

Ralph Erskine

Miss Agnes Erskine

Robert Finlayson

Mrs Isa Finlayson or Young

Reverend William Forbes

William Fotheringham

Thomas Fotheringham

Mrs Mary H Fotheringham

Mrs Christian Fotheringham or Walker

Mrs Isabella Fraser

David Gilmour

James Grant

Charles Grieve

David Grinton

Mrs J Hardie, widow

Miss Jane Hodge

Angus Hodge

Katherine Howieson

James Hunter, smith

Margaret Hunter

Catherine Keir or Reid

James Laing

John Law

James Lawson

Alexander Lindsay

Mary MacDonald

James L MacDonald

James MacDonald

William MacDonald

John MacGrath

William MacNair

Robert MacNaughton

John Matthew

John Miller

Thomas Mitchell, weaver

James Mitchell

James Morris

Mrs Thomas Mungall

Mrs Janet Paterson

William Philp

John Philp

Andrew Ramsay

John B Rankine

Mrs Agnes Reid or Downie

Sebastian Rennie

Charles Robertson

John Robertson

David S Robertson

Isabella Robertson, shop owner

Miss Elizabeth Robertson

James Robertson

Daniel Scott

Henry Sharp

Henry B Sharp

Alexander Sharp, weaver

Mrs Margaret Simpson or Calderhead, widow

James Stark

Robert Stobie

Joseph Sullivan

Thomas Templeman

William Templeman

Miss Isabella Thomson

John Thomson

Mrs Jane Thomson or Rennie

William Torrance

Edward Turnbull

William Waddell

Mrs Agnes Watson

William Watson, weaver

Alexander Watt

Mrs David Wilson

James Wright

William Young

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