Cairneyhill Scholarships



The United Presbyterian Church lately provided a fund of £400 to institute a few scholarships for the most deserving of the students in Divinity attending their hall, and issued subjects for study, on which competitors were to be examined.

The competition took place a short time since, and we are happy to say that two of the highest scholarships were carried off by young students in our own western district. Mr John More, Cairneyhill Manse, obtained one of £25, and Mr George Morris, teacher, Cairneyhill, got one of £20. The lowest were £10 each.

Several ministers were appointed as examiners, and they carefully prepared themselves for their duties. The examination was conducted with great rigour and impartiality, and in such a manner that nothing like cramming could have been of any advantage. The advantages of such scholarships on the rising race of students will soon become apparent, and the body will shortly possess a host of highly educated and clever men.

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