An unusual medical matter

Dear blog reader

I was most intrigued when I found the below report. It’s curious that a medical matter in Cairneyhill attracted such attention but it’s perhaps a shame that the young woman isn’t named.




The following case deserves to be recorded:- A young woman belonging to Cairneyhill, got a large thorn into her foot about ten months ago. During all that time she had several surgeons attending her, but without success.

Happily Mr Scott, surgeon, Culross was called in, and succeeded in extracting the thorn, which was very large, and has been shewn by the girl to more than a hundred persons. She is now quite well.

From the size of piece of wood extracted, the length of time it remained in the foot, and the long but in effectual efforts made to promote a cure, the case has excited considerable interest in the village where the young woman dwells.

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