Examination of a school in 1838



On Friday last, the school in Cairneyhill taught by Mr W S Reid was examined by the Rev Messrs Gilston and More.

The progress of the pupils in the various branches of a useful education was very satisfactory; the readiness of their answers, and their correct explanation of the meaning of what they read, shewed at once the success of the intellectual system of education. and the pains bestowed by the teacher on his youthful charge.

We are glad to know that Mr Reid’s value as a teacher is fully appreciated by the inhabitants, among whom he is deservedly a favourite. Next to the blessing of having a faithful and devoted minister ranks that of having a laborious and energetic teacher, and with these Cairneyhill is well supplied. After the examination the youths were formed in procession, and marched with music and flying colours, under the guidance of the school committee, to Pitfirrane House, where they were graciously received by Sir Peter Halkett and family.

The youngsters having been all served with a refreshment, Sir Peter drunk their health in a goblet of wine, and hoped they would live to do honour to their countryside. This was responded to with three cheers, when the whole marched back to the village. The committee and their friends sat down to an excellent dinner in the school, and spent the evening very happily together.

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