Cairneyhill Temperance Society



The annual soiree of the Cairneyhill Temperance Society took place on the evening of Friday last, and seldom has a more harmonious meeting assembled.

At seven o’clock the chair was taken by Mr Noble, teacher in Cairneyhill, who, in a neat and appropriate speech, advocated the cause of temperance, and whose conduct in the chair called forth a very hearty vote of thanks at the conclusion. Messrs Paterson, Blair and Kirk severally addressed the meeting on the importance and value of acting on temperance principles, and their language, though in plain garb, was to the purpose.

Songs, glees, and recitations varied the entertainment of the evening, and after having spent four very happy hours together, the meeting separated all highly pleased, and acknowledging the truth that ardent spirits are totally unnecessary for the promotion of social happiness.

This soiree was got up and managed by a committee of ladies, to whose exertions and lively manners much of the pleasure of the evening may be attributed.

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