Table-cover given to Mrs More



Last week a splendid table-cover was presented to Mrs More, Cairneyhill Manse, by the members of the Cairneyhill Horticultural Society in token of gratitude for her many acts of kindness to the society for several years past.

The cover was furnished by Messrs Dewar and Co. It was one of those superior crimson and drab fabrics wrought by Mr John Gilmour, Cairneyhill. ‘J. P. More – 1849’ was woven in it at each end.

It is always pleasant to record the exhibition of grateful feelings. The above presentation , however, is only a faint manifestation of the gratitude generally felt here towards this lady, who peculiarly distinguishes herself not only in the boarding school in her arduous and successful labours as an instructor of young ladies, but by her disinterested benevolence to the poor classes in the district – in feeding the hungry, providing fire and warm and comfortable clothing for aged and destitute women, supplying the sick with medicine and nutriment, and in every good work.

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