1867 Teacher Presentation in Cairneyhill




On Friday evening a soiree was held in the Cairneyhill village schoolroom, in honour of Mr Alexander, the teacher of the school, when upwards of 140 children were present, and a few of the leading inhabitants of the place.

The Rev Mr Borland, the newly-ordained minister of the village, occupied the chair. after tea, the children were addressed by the chairman and other gentlemen, and a number of songs and duets were sung in a very efficient manner by the Misses Young and Duncanson. In the course of the evening Mr J Gilmour, in name of the children attending the day and Sabbath schools, presented Mr Alexander with a handsome writing desk and a gift from the feuars [meaning landowners] and inhabitants of Cairneyhill, in the shape of a purse containing five sovereigns. Mr Alexander briefly acknowledged the presentation.

The whole proceedings were of a very interesting nature, and at the close the customary votes of thanks were awarded to the chairman and committee, after which the meeting separated.

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