Cairneyhill Valuation Roll 1855

Dear blog reader

Welcome to the first part in a new series, a list of the people, with occupation where known, who were connected with Cairneyhill in 1855.

Hopefully those of you with ancestors from Cairneyhill will find this list useful.


David Addie, weaver
Henry Arnot
Mrs John Bald
Andrew Blair
Lockhart Blallock (possibly Blalloch?)
George Bowie
Mrs Calderhead
John Calderhead
Robert Coye
Francis Crombie
Janet Cuddie or Manclark
John Cunningham
David Cunningham, weaver
Peter Deas, weaver
Henry Deas
Widow Downie
John Duncanson, blacksmith
Andrew Duncanson
Mrs Thomas Duncanson
Thomas Duncanson
Miss Duncanson
Francis Duncanson
Archibald Duncanson
William Duncanson
Robert Erskine
William Erskine
William Finlayson
Henry Fotheringham
John Gilmour
David Hempseed
John Henderson
John Herron
Peter Hodge
Thomas Hodge
William Hodge
Alexander Hodge
Robert Howieson
Robert Kirk
James Lawson
Peter Mitchell
George Mitchell
Alexander Morris
George Paterson
William Paterson
Robert Paterson
William Philp
Robert Philp
David Philp
Thomas Reid
Mary Rennie
Charles Robertson
James Smittan
David Steen
Mrs Charles Thomson
Mrs Mason Thomson
Andrew Tod
James Todd
Campbell Walker
Alexander Walls
John Wightman
Margaret Wightman
Widow Wilson
Thomas Wilson
William Wilson
George Young
William Young

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