Death of Mrs More, Seminary Founder



Our obituary last Saturday recorded the death of Mrs More, wife of the Rev John More, in the 74th year of her age.

Mrs More was the eldest daughter of the Rev Dr Paxton, of Edinburgh, a popular preacher in his day, and Professor of Divinity in the Original Secession Church, to which he belonged. Mrs More inherited much of the talent and genius by which her father was distinguished. Her life has been a useful and honoured one. The seminary at Cairneyhill for the training of young ladies, conducted by Mrs More and family, has long held a high place in public estimation, and exerted no little influence in reviving the standard of taste and education in the neighbourhood, and we believe, throughout Scotland.

The funeral of Mrs More took place on Monday, and was numerously attended, and amongst others there were present – Rev Dr Johnston, Limekilns; Rev Messrs McDowall, Alloa; Mathieson, Alloa; Welsh, Kincardine; Fleming, Inverkeithing; Grahame, Crossgates; Gilston, Carnock; Doig, Torryburn; Milroy, Torryburn; and Young and Russell, Dunfermline; Dr Dewar, Dunfermline; Thomas Grinton Esq, Thomas Younger Esq, William J Sloan Esq, William More etc etc.


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As examples of those who attended Mrs More’s seminary, here are the young ladies who were attending the seminary at the time of the 1851 and 1861 censuses.


Elizabeth Kerr, 19, born East Indies
Jane Ure, 16, born Glasgow
Isabella Ure, 15, born Glasgow
Helen Neilson, 16, born Glasgow
Helen Yeamen, 18, born Dundee
Susan Anderson, 17, born Cupar Angus
Amelia Muir, 18, born Leith
Margaret Wilson, 16, born Limekilns
Agnes Banckenrigg, 13, born Edinburgh
Agnes Paton, 13, born Tillicoultry
Catherine Paton, 13, born Tillicoultry
Janet Tod, 9, born Balerno
Isabella Tod, 7, born Balerno


Christian Anderson, 16, born Dunfermline
Sarah H McGregor, 14, born England
Margaret Anderson, 14, born Pathhead
Isabella Nicoll, 12, born Dundee
Helen Christie, 11, born Perth

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