Cairneyhill Young Men’s Society – 1860




On Thursday evening a soiree, under the auspices of the Cairneyhill Young Men’s Society, was held in the village school-room – the Rev John More in the chair. Throughout Thursday the greatest demand for tickets continued up to the very hour of meeting; and though the school-room was crammed almost beyond endurance, multitudes had to forego the pleasure of being present through sheer want of room.

The meeting having been constituted by praise and prayer, the Rev Mr More inaugurated the proceedings by a brief and appropriate address. After a service of fruit, the Chairman called upon Mrs Taylor, who sung ‘Barney O’Hea’ with peculiar archness and excellence. Mr Locke having given ‘Corn riggs are bonnie’ in his own true and tasteful style, and Mr Miller having rendered with good effect ‘Woo’d and married an a’ ‘ – the Rev P C Duncanson delivered an address upon ‘Companionship’. This address has all the good qualities of a good soiree speech – lively without being flippant, and exhaustive without being tedious.

The vocalists having again regaled the company with several of the finest of all Caledonia’s airs, and another service of fruit having been partaken of, the Rev George Morris delivered an address on Egyptian antiquities, as illustrative and corroborative of the truth of the Bible. This address, well got up, and manifesting very considerable familiarity with the subject treated, was, upon the whole, too elaborate for the kind of meeting at which it was delivered.

The musical party having again sung some of the most appropriate of our national ditties, Mr Clark, Cairneyhill, in a neat speech, moved that the thanks of the meeting be given to the speakers; and a vote of thanks having been given to the chairman, the company, after singing ‘Rule Britannia’, broke up a little before eleven o’clock, highly delighted with the evening’s entertainment.

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