Electoral Roll 1879

Dear blog reader, this week a name-rich source for any of you with ancestors from Cairneyhill.




CARNOCK PARISH (which included Cairneyhill)

Bald, James, weaver, Cairneyhill
Blair, Thos, writer, Dunfermline, Cairneyhill
Brown, R Hope, clergyman, Cairneyhill
Bruce, Peter, factor, Cairneyhill
Bruce, William, carter, Cairneyhill
Calderhead, John, weaver, Cairneyhill
Chalmers, George, innkeeper, Cairneyhill
Cunningham, Alexander, carter, Cairneyhill
Deas, Henry, weaver, Cairneyhill
Dick, William, late farmer, Cairneyhill
Dobbie, Thomas, labourer, Cairneyhill
Drysdale, William, weaver, Cairneyhill
Duncanson, James, builder, Cairneyhill
Duncanson, J, draper, Burntisland, Cairneyhill
Duncanson, Peter C, clergyman, Cairneyhill
Erskine, Alexander, land labourer, Cairneyhill
Erskine, John, carter, Cairneyhill
Erskine, William, M.D., Cairneyhill
Fotheringham, William, labourer, Cairneyhill
Gardiner, John, Cairneyhill
Gilmour, John, weaver, Cairneyhill
Herron, Robert, Nether Pitdinnie
Howieson, John, joiner, Cairneyhill
Kerr, John, farmer, Pitdinnie
Lawson, John, retired farmer, Cairneyhill
Moir, John, clergyman, Cairneyhill
Morris, J, physician, Dunfermline, Cairneyhill
Morris, William, labourer, Cairneyhill
Paterson, George, weaver, Cairneyhill
Philp, John, labourer, Cairneyhill
Robertson, John, joiner, Cairneyhill
Thomson, John,carter, Cairneyhill
Thomson, Robert, draper, Cairneyhill
Watt, David, farmer, Pitdinnie
Young, Alexander, labourer, Cairneyhill
Young, George, labourer, Cairneyhill

8 thoughts on “Electoral Roll 1879

  1. Thanks for the information which I have added to William Fotheringham’s Tree. Interestingly just 2 years later in the 1881 Census he described himself as a Dairyman. Two of his son’s immigrated to USA and both ended up in Orange County California although one landed in Valleyfield in Canada.


    1. Hi John. I’m so glad you found some relevant information for your family tree. Thank you for your continuing support. Best wishes. Jacqueline.


      1. Thanks Jacqueline,

        Your blog contains such interesting articles on bygone Cairneyhill which is great
        for those whose family roots are in the village. William Fotheringham seems to have had diverse employment as he was also a weaver and lived in Old Toll Road.
        Do you know where that is in modern Cairneyhill?
        Please keep up the good work.


      2. Hi John. I don’t believe Old Toll Road was in Cairneyhill. Until the modern houses started to be built in the 1970s Cairneyhill was just basically the main street. Best wishes. Jacqueline.


  2. It’s great reading all this, I read it all out to my mum who is now in her late 80’s. Her family were from Cairneyhill and stayed in the Main Street( possibly Drummonds property) before moving to the Mansion buildings. My mums maiden name was Thomson and they had relatives called Hamilton
    living in the village too.


    1. Hi Maureen. I’m so glad you and your Mum are finding my blog-posts interesting. Pass on my best wishes to your Mum please. Jacqueline.


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