‘Storm in a Teacup’ – Cairneyhill assault 1933


‘Storm in a teacup’

Man fined for assault at Dunfermline

A dispute regarding a wall dividing the gardens of two Cairneyhill men resulted in the appearance of one at Dunfermline Sheriff Court to-day on the charge of assault.

William Watson, Main Street, Cairneyhill was charged with having in the garden at the rear of the house in Main Street, Cairneyhill, occupied by Mr William Sellar, assaulted James Fairley, nurseryman, Cairneyhill, by striking him on the forehead with a hammer.

Accused, who pleaded guilty, said he was carrying out some repairs on the property when Mr Fairley interfered with him.

On his behalf Mr T Blair, solicitor, Dunfermline said it was really a storm in a teacup. There was a wall dividing the gardens of the two properties, and Mr Fairley had been in the habit of utilising this wall, which belonged to accused, and he objected. Accused removed a trellis arrangement on the wall and Mr Fairley tried to put it back.

The depute-fiscal, Mr Allan, said accused had objected to the trellis, which was on the complainer’s side of the wall, and he had no right to take it down, but when complainer was re-erecting it, accused came forward and struck him on the head with a hammer.

Sheriff Umpherston said he would let him go this time, and warned him to behave himself in future.

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