Peculiar farm fire in 1913



Fire broke out in a rather peculiar manner yesterday evening at the farm of Muirside, Cairneyhill, tenanted by Mr John Lamont.

Threshing operations were in progress, and a belt from an oil engine, which supplied the driving power of the threshing mill, slipped from the pulley and knocked down a cistern full of paraffin.

The oil came in contact with a small jet used to keep the engine going, and immediately the paraffin burst in to flame. Information was sent to Dunfermline, and the fire brigade were soon in attendance.

On their arrival the firemen directed their attention to preventing the fire spreading to the other farm buildings. Danger was threatened to the barn adjoining, in which was stored a large quantity of straw and grain.

The efforts of the firemen were successful, but the oil engine and the building in which it was situated were destroyed.

The damage, which is covered by insurance, is estimated at £200 or £300.

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