Political Hustings in Cairneyhill 1859

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Some background to the below article.

In 1859 there was a UK general election and the Liberal candidate standing (who won) in Fife was James Hay Erskine Wemyss:

James Hay Erskine Wemyss represented Fife in Parliament from 1859 until his death in 1864. He was also Lord Lieutenant of Fife for the last month of his life.

He wasn’t the only politician in his family. His father James Erskine Wemyss was Fife MP from 1820 to 1831 and from 1832 to 1847. James Hay Erskine Wemyss’ grandfather General William Wemyss was MP for Fife from 1787 to 1796 and from 1807 to 1820.



On Friday night Mr Wemyss addressed the electors of Torryburn, Cairneyhill and Crossford, in the United Presbyterian Church at Cairneyhill. The Rev John More, having been called to the chair, introduced Mr Wemyss to the meeting, in a feeling and complimentary speech, alluding to the services of his late father, who had so long and so faithfully represented them in Parliament, and expressing his conviction that, from all that he had heard and seen of his son, he would prove no unworthy successor to him.

Mr Wemyss then gave a clear and distinct statement of his opinions.

After satisfactorily answering various questions put to him by electors and non-electors, a motion was proposed, and carried by nomination, that Mr Wemyss was a fit and proper person to represent the county in Parliament.

A vote of thanks was then cordially given to Mr More for his conduct in the chair; and the meeting dispersed – large numbers accompanying Mr Wemyss to his carriage with hearty cheers.

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