Ordination of David Borland

Dunfermline Saturday Press 27 July 1867

Ordination at Cairneyhill

Om Wednesday, the United Presbyterian Presbytery met in Cairneyhill Church, to induct Mr David Borland as assistant and successor to the Rev Mr More. The numbers of Presbytery present were – Rev Dr Johnston, Limekilns; Rev Messrs Young and Russell, Dunfermline; Fleming, Inverkeithing; Graham, Crossgates; Reid, Lochgelly; Welsh, Kincardine-on-Forth, and McDowall, Alloa. Mr More, the pastor of the congregation, was also present. The Church was filled by the members and adherents of the congregation. The Rev Mr Welsh preached a suitable discourse from 1st Corinthians 1:22 at the conclusion of which:

The Rev Dr Johnston said that some time ago the Cairneyhill congregation, having resolved to call a colleague to aid their respected pastor, who had so long ministered amongst them, made application kin the usual way to the Presbytery of Dunfermline, with which they are connected. The Presbytery, being satisfied with the arrangements, agreed that they should hear probationers for a time, to give them opportunity of making a choice. Probationers were heard from time to time, until at length, at a recent meeting of the Presbytery, application was made to moderate in a call. Only one preacher was mentioned as the person whom they wished to call as their minister; that person being Mr David Borland. The call was regularly signed and presented to the Presbytery and sustained. The ordinary trials were prescribed to Mr Borland, and these were about a month ago delivered, and were cordially accepted by the Presbytery, who agreed that Mr Borland should be ordained on that day in that place, and appointed the persons who were to take part in the services.

An edict had been served to be read for two Sabbaths previous to the ordination, and the Presbytery had that morning had evidence that the edict had been read to the congregation. The Presbytery met a short time ago and caused intimation to be made since they (the congregation) met together to the effect that if any person had objections to make to state them. No objections were made, and he would now proceed to put to Mr Borland the usual questions.

The usual questions were then put by Dr Johnston to Mr Borland and members of the congregation, and responded to satisfactorily. Mr Borland was then ordained in the usual form, after which he received the right hand of fellowship from his brethren in the Presbytery.

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