Air Raid Precaution Warden wanted in Cairneyhill

Fife Free Press & Kirkcaldy Guardian 29 July 1939

ARP in West Fife

More Volunteers Needed

Apart from the villages in and around Crossford, Charlestown, Carnock, Limekilns, Cairneyhill etc, the wardens’ service in Lochgelly and Dunfermline county districts is at full strength. In the village areas named there is a shortage of some seventeen wardens, but as large deficiencies in Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly have recently been made good, it should not be beyond the villages rapidly to follow suit. Only another two to three persons are needed in each village, but applications are wanted now.

Women and men are still required for first aid, however, chiefly in Lochgelly, Auchterderran and Kelty, while rescue parties at Inverkeithing, Milesmark, and Aberdour, and decontamination squads in Inverkeithing and Milesmark are not yet up to establishment, plus reserve.

Total enrolments in the two districts and total deficiencies are:-

Lochgelly district enrolled 1212, still required 78.

Dunfermline district enrolled 721, still required 85.

Although the deficiency appears small in view of the total enrolments, it does represent a weak spot in the County’s Civil Defence Scheme, and everyone who has not yet enrolled is asked to consider what forms of service he or she can best perform and to offer to help at once. Any ARP volunteer will tell you what to do – the chief thing is to ask now.

[I’m sure all such volunteers would have been familiar with the anti aircraft gun battery which still survives in Cairneyhill although rather deteriorated].

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