Reverend More’s Jubilee

Dunfermline Saturday Press 6 August 1864

Jubilee services at Cairneyhill

Presentation of a silver salver and 580 sovereigns to the Rev Mr More

On Wednesday a series of services took place at Cairneyhill, to celebrate the 50th year of the Rev Mr More’s ministry in the United Presbyterian Church there, and for the purpose of presenting him with a testimonial from his congregation and a number of the friends of Mrs More and himself. The services were opened at midday by a sermon by the Rev Dr Johnston, Limekilns, who preached an eloquent and peculiarly instructive discourse from Ecclesiastes 7:10 – ‘Say not thou, what is the cause that the former days were better then these? for thou dost not enquire wisely regarding them’.

The dinner

At half-past three, about 80 gentlemen sat down in the school-room to an excellent dinner, which did great credit to Mr Turnbull of Dunfermline, who purveyed it. The Rev Dr Johnston occupied the chair, and amongst those present were – the Rev Mr Young, Dunfermline; Rev Mr Reid, Lochgelly, Rev Mr McNab, Rothesay; and a number of other ministers; Provost Whitelaw, Dunfermline; Dr Morris; Mr Wm Mathewson; Dr Kirk, Linlithgow etc. Letters of apology were read from the Rev Dr McMichael and the Rev Mr Jarvie, Dunfermline; the Rev Mr Gilston and the Rev Mr Johnston, of Carnock, who both wrote expressing their regret at not being able to present, and their good wishes for Mr More’s happiness and prosperity; the Rev Mr Gilfillan, of Stirling and the Rev Mr Mathieson, of Alloa.

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