Cairneyhill War Memorial

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This week, 2 reports on Cairneyhill War Memorial, one on the maintenance of the Memorial and one on the upkeep of the Memorial.

For interest, the Dunfermline Press dated 17 September 2020 had an article on the maintenance of the War Memorial, in that a bar has been fixed to the Memorial to keep wreaths attached.

Sunday Post 17 December 1922

Cairneyhill (Fifeshire) War Memorial was unveiled yesterday by Mrs Wm Erskine, mother of Sergeant John Erskine, Scottish Rifles, one of Dunfermline’s VCs, who was killed at Arras in 1917.

[My plan is to publish a blogpost on John Erskine in the near future].

Fife Free Press and Kirkcaldy Guardian 21 May 1932

With regard to the proposed upkeep of Cairneyhill War Memorial grounds, the Council [Dunfermline District Council] approved of a recommendation by the local representative, who discussed the proposal with the secretary and another member of the Village Maintenance Committee. The recommendation was that they be asked to continue the work of attending the grounds and be given a grant of £5 for expenses incurred, the position to be reviewed at the commencement of next year.

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