Home burned to ground

Dundee Courier 16 June 1931

A Cairneyhill family of eight were rendered homeless and lost almost all of their belongings in a fire yesterday afternoon.

Mr George Johnston was engaged in tar-painting operations at his dwelling-house on a small holding by Bankhead, when the interior of the house was observed to be in flames.

He had left tar boiling on the kitchen fire, and it had apparently boiled over.

Dunfermline Fire Brigade were summoned, but so rapidly did the flames spread that on their arrival under Firemaster Tarvit they found the wooden building a mass of flames.

The nearest water was over half a mile distant, and with this handicap there was no hope of saving anything.

With pails of water however, they were successful in preventing the outbreak spreading to the adjoining bungalows.

Mrs Johnson was in Dunfermline at the time, and Mr Johnston and the children present could only watch their home being burned to the ground.

It was a pathetic spectacle, and some of the children were in tears.

A few of their belongings were saved, the damage being estimated at £800.

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