Hatches, Matches and Dispatches Part 1

Dear blog reader

This is the first part in a new series of Cairneyhill hatches, matches and dispatches that have appeared in the newspapers.

I have always found such finds very exciting in my own 30 years of family history research and I hope this helps anyone doing similar Cairneyhill-based research.

Please note that for privacy reasons all entries will be 100 years old and over.

(Glossary: inst/instant means of the present month and ultimo means of last month).


Glasgow Herald 10 July 1883

Moir – At Cairneyhill Manse, on the 7th instant, Mrs Moir; a daughter.

Dundee Courier 10 January 1887

At Cairneyhill Manse, on the 7th inst, the wife of the Rev John Moir, a daughter.

Glasgow Herald 25 March 1898

Erskine – At Cairneyhill, Dunfermline, on the 21st inst, the wife of Mr Ralph Erskine; a son.


Caledonian Mercury 3 July 1843

At Cairneyhill Manse, Fifeshire, on the 30th ultimo, Mr William Cromarty, St Margaret’s Hope, Orkney, to Catherine, second daughter of Henry Norquay Esq, same place

Manchester Times 19 October 1847

On the 13th inst, at Cairneyhill Manse, near Dunfermline, by the Rev John Moore, the Rev David Winton, of the United Presbyterian Church, missionary to Jamaica, to Ellen, second daughter of the late Alexander Baird, Esq MD Farnworth, near Liverpool

Glasgow Herald 15 June 1868

At 157 Upper Main Street, Gorbal, on the 12th instant, by the Rev James S Taylor of Hutchesontown UP Church, assisted by the Rev David Borland, MA of Cairneyhill, Mr James Morrison, clerk to Margaret, third daughter of the late Mr William Paterson, agent, Glasgow

Glasgow Herald 28 April 1871

At Fauldshead Terrace, Renfrew, on the 27th inst, by the Rev Robert Stephen MA assisted by the Rev David Borland MA of Cairneyhill, cousin of the bride, Archibald Fletcher Esq, sewed muslin manufacturer, Glasgow to Henrietta, only daughter of Mr John Wilson, late publisher and bookseller, Rothesay.

Glasgow Herald 15 June 1871

At Cairneyhill, by Dunfermline, on the 13th inst, by the Rev A M Jarvie, P Hodge, teacher, to Helen France, elder daughter of Thomas Duncanson, builder.

Aberdeen Press and Journal 22 September 1881

At Castlehead, Paisley, on the 19th inst, by the Rev A G Fleming, assisted by the Rev George Crawford, the Rev John Moir, BD, Cairneyhill, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late James McMurchy.

Aberdeen Press and Journal 25 December 1882

At Muirside, Cairneyhill, on the 22nd inst, by the Rev Mr Gull, minister of Torryburn, assisted by the Rev Mr Pitt, BD, minister of the first charge, the Abbey Church, Dunfermline, John Loudos, solicitor, Haddington, to Mary Yates, third daughter of James White Esq, The Boreland, Glendevon, Perthshire and Muirside, Cairneyhill.

Glasgow Herald 7 June 1889

Stupart – McKay – At Cairneyhill, Dunfermline, on the 6th inst, by the Rev John Moir BD, James W Stupart, harbourmaster, Bridgeness, Bo’ness, to Eliza Wilson, widow of James C McKay, late of Govan, and eldest daughter of the late William Wilson, Cairneyhill


Glasgow Herald 6 January 1868

At the UP Manse, Cairneyhill, Dunfermline, on the 2nd instant, the Rev John More, in the 80th year of his age, and 54th of his ministry

Glasgow Herald 4 February 1870

At Cairneyhill, on the 31st ultimo, Mr John Duncanson, in the 73rd year of his age – Friends will please accept of this intimation

Glasgow Herald 17 July 1872

Suddenly at Cairneyhill, Dunfermline on the 14th inst, Mr Peter Hodge, teacher, 187 George Street

Glasgow Herald 14 February 1880

Wilson – At Cairneyhill, Dunfermline, on the 13th inst, after a long and painful illness, Willaim Wilson, aged 67 years – Friends will please accept of this intimation

Aberdeen Press and Journal 20 December 1882

At Cairneyhill, on the 11th inst, James Philp, late of Tillicoultry, aged 58.

Dunfermline Saturday Press 23 August 1884

Reid – At Cairneyhill, on the 20th inst, Jean Templeman, aged 79 years, widow of the late Henry Reid.  Friends omitted please accept this intimation. (Australian and American papers please copy).

Dunfermline Saturday Press 8 November 1884

Calderhead – At Cairneyhill, on the 19th ult, John Calderhead, feuar, aged 86 years

Deas – At Cairneyhill, on the 6th inst, Alexander Deas, aged 67 years

Dunfermline Saturday Press 15 January 1887

Templeman – At 46 Dundas Street, Glasgow, on the 6th inst, John, eldest son of the late Robert Templeman, Cairneyhill, aged 47 years

Dunfermline Saturday Press 17 September 1887

Templeman – At Cairneyhill, near Dunfermline, on the 14th inst, Alexander, youngest son of the late Mr George Templeman, aged 15 years

Glasgow Herald 22 December 1891

Gilmour – At Cairneyhill, Dunfermline, on the 19th inst, in the 77th year of her age, Christian Blair, wife of John Gilmour – Friends please accept this intimation.

Glasgow Herald 11 June 1897

Moir – At 7 Huntly Terrace, Kelvinside, Glasgow, on the 10th inst, Mary McMurchy, widow of Rev John Moir, Cairneyhill

Glasgow Herald 17 September 1900

Erskine – at Cairneyhill, by Dunfermline, on the 11th inst, John Erskine, farmer, aged 75 years – Friends omitted please accept this intimation.

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