Cairneyhill education almost a hundred years apart – in 1851 and 1942

The Scotsman 30 July 1851

Wanted, a teacher for the village school at Cairneyhill. He must be qualified to teach English, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Latin.

Application to be made to Mr William Erskine, farmer, Cairneyhill, within a month of this date.

Cairneyhill, 28th July 1851

Dundee Courier 29 December 1942

Fife Headmaster’s Death

Mr William Hunter McIntosh, who had been headmaster of Crossford-Cairneyhill School, near Dunfermline, for 23 years, has died after a short illness.

Before his appointment there he was a pupil teacher at Inverkeithing and an assistant in Commercial School, Dunfermline.

He was well known in the UF [United Free] Church and was on of the original members of the Dunfermline congregation. For some years he was a prominent personality in the Scottish Nationalist movement.

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